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New Eiffel observes Coordinated Universal Time[1] (UTC; UTC±00:00), rarely known as New Eiffelic Time (NET), since New Eiffel is landlocked inside London.[2] New Eiffel does not officially observe daylight savings time, however it is de facto observed. The government of New Eiffel does not use UTC+1 when it is daylight savings time when recording official meetings or court sessions, however the public commonly observes DST.

The United Territories of Concrete and Bike Rack and Lodia both observe UTC–08:00, and observes daylight saving time, where the time offset of UTC−07:00 is used. Grove uses GMT, and observes DST, where the time offset is UTC+01:00, in-line with the United Kingdom.[3]


New Eiffelic Time was officially adopted on 21 September 2019. Previously, New Eiffel had de facto observed Greenwich Mean Time, as well as British Summer Time.

On 25 August 2020, Zarel Smith developed the Intermicronational Time Zones Standard (ITZS), which gave New Eiffel six time zone designations, consisting of two cities and four territories.

Date and notation

Both the 12-hour clock and 24 hour notation are used almost interchangeably, though the 12-hour clock is recommended and used on almost all government documentation. Usually the 12-hour clock's time is spelled out:

  • 10:30 p.m. or ten-thirty p.m.
  • 22:30 or 2230

When spoken, it may be referred "twintig minute oor agt" Afrikaans for "twenty minutes past eight" or "twintig minute voor agt"; "twenty minutes before eight". The exact number is never specified and usually rounded upwards.

Intermicronational Time Zones Standard

The Intermicronational Time Zones Standard (ITZS) gives New Eiffel the following designations:

Abr. Location Offset DST offset
NET-HSD New_Eiffel/Hsed UTC UTC
NET-NLZ New_Eiffel/New_Leeds UTC UTC
NET-UJZ New_Eiffel/Új Repülő UTC UTC
NET-LIA New_Eiffel/Lodia UTC–08:00 UTC–07:00
NET-CBR New_Eiffel/Plant UTC–08:00 UTC–07:00
NET-GEZ New_Eiffel/Grove UTC UTC+01:00

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