New Eiffelic South-East Border

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New Eiffelic South-East Border
New Eiffelic South-East Border.jpeg
The UK on the left, and New Eiffel on the right
Entities  New Eiffel  United Kingdom
Length8 meters
Established31 December 2017

Foundation of New Eiffel
Current shape8 May 2019

Territorial change

The New Eiffelic South-East Border was an intermicronational border separating New Eiffel and the United Kingdom. The New Eiffelic South-East Border was possibly the most frequently crossed micronational border in the world, with approximately 950 to 1,300 documented crossings annually.

To the western side lies New Leeds, New Eiffel, and to the eastern side lies either Wimbledon or Kingston upon Thames, UK as the defined border is unsure.

Border control

New Eiffel was a free travel area, you can cross into New Eiffel without a passport or visa.