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Star Warz is a New Eiffelic space-opera film franchise and parody of Star Wars. So far two films have been released, with multiple films currently being planned, as well other media which been planned for release in the Star Warz franchise. All films in the series have been produced by Z&jProductions. Parodying multiple aspects of Star Wars, the film primarily features the wars between the Jed-Eye (parody of the Jedi) and the Sith.

The first instalment to the film series was Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye, released on 25 January 2018, parodying Star Wars' The Last Jedi. The film had an estimated budget of £15, and although criticised for its poor story and cinematography, the film was revolutionary for its time in New Eiffelic cinema, it was praised for its use of props and costume designs, as well as its special effects. A prequel was released a year later on 21 March, titled Star Warz: The Stone Age, which takes place seventeen years before the previous film. The film was met with generally positive reception, and it won Best Make-up, Set Design and Costume and Best Camera Work at the 2019 New Eiffelic Short Film Awards. The film was also praised for its improvement on set design as well as acting, however criticised for its clique storyline and mediocre fight choreography. Following this, it sparked the creation of the Star Warz Universe, with multiple films also having been announced. Zabëlle Skye, one of the founders of Z&jProductions, has announced plans for a Star Warz book series, however it has been delayed multiple times and currently has no release date, with Zabëlle saying it could be released "no earlier than 2021".

The Star Warz universe has created a wide array of characters, and a timeline, with years marked "BBJ", counting down until a currently unknown date, which is supposedly going to be revealed in Star Warz Episode III. A number of quotes and trademarked sayings have also reached New Eiffelic pop culture.


Pawn Cho series

The Pawn Cho series, informally the Pawn Chology, centres mostly around Pawn Cho, a Jed-Eye Master, who was a Jed-Eye Padawan in The Stone Age, and Jed-Eye Knight in The Stranded Sith. It has been announced that the Pawn Cho series will have six films in total.

Main trilogy

Film Release date Year in timeline Runtime Status
Star Warz: Episode I - The Second to Last Jed-Eye 25 January 2018 3 BBJ 6 minutes Released
Untitled Star Warz Episode II Film 2020 1 BBJ Filming
Untitled Star Warz Episode III Film TBA 0 BBJ Announced


Film Release date Year in timeline Runtime Remarks
Star Warz: The Stone Age 21 March 2019 20 BBJ 6 minutes Released
Star Warz: The Stranded Sith 21 April 2020 17 BBJ 11 minutes Released
Untitled Star Warz Prequel Film TBA TBA Announced