Star Warz Universe

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The Star Warz Universe is the non-narrative name given to the fictional setting of the Star Warz media franchise.




Conserious system

The primary location of the Star Warz film franchise.

Planet Remakes

Avlarva system

Planet Remakes
Avlarva-1 Uninhabited planet, described as being an extremely hot and rocky land covered with pools and streams of lava. It is not known to contain any living organisms.
Avlarva-2 Uninhabited planet.
Avlarva-3 Uninhabited planet.
Avlarva-4 Uninhabited planet.
Avlarva-5 Main setting of Star Warz: The Stone Age. Similar to the appearance of Earth, the planet was once home to both Sith and Jed-Eye temples, however is now abandoned.
Avlarva-6 Was formerly home to a mining colony, it was depleted of its resources and later abandoned.
Avlarva-7 Uninhabited planet.