Minister-President of Galte

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Minister-President of Galte
Chris Ramsay
Marquess of Otium

since 11 July 2021
StyleHis/Her Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofCabinet of Ministers
Reports toThe Crown
AppointerThe Crown
Term length6 months
Constituting instrumentConstitution Act, c. 2021
Formation2 September 2021

The Minister-President of Galte, officially the President of the Cabinet of Ministers is the head of government of the Principality of Galte. The selection of a Minister-President is determined by public election and not by parliamentary majority, though it is constituted that the sovereign can choose whoever he want. It is among the duties of the Minister-President to nominate a set of 3 ministers to the sovereign whose decision it is to approve the appointment.

List of Ministers-President

No. Portrait Name
Term of office Party Sovereign
1 His Highness
Chris Ramsay,
Marquess of Otium
15 September
Incumbent GNF Michael