Chancellor of Atiera

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Chancellor of Atiera
Coat of arms of Atiera
James Bornstein

since 30 March 2022
Member ofCabinet of Atiera
Imperial Assembly of Atiera
Reports toMonarchy of Atiera
Term length6 months
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Empire of Atiera
PrecursorPrime Minister of Atiera
First holderHayden Strachan

The Chancellor of Atiera, officially the Chancellor of the Empire is the head of government of the Second Empire of Atiera. Elected bi-annually by the citizenry, the Chancellor is also the leader of the party with the most seats in the Imperial Assembly, making them the leader of the government. The Chancellor is responsible for heading the cabinet and acting as leader of their government in the Imperial Assembly of Atiera.

The office of Chancellor is a recognized successor of the famed and now-defunct position of Prime Minister of Atiera which existed until the dissolution of the Kingdom of Atiera.

The incumbent Chancellor is James Bornstein, elected on 30 March 2022 during following the May 2022 Atieran general election.

Powers and duties

As Chancellor, elected individuals hold the following duties and powers:

  • Appoint ministers and create or dissolve ministries
  • Advise the monarch on foreign and home affairs
  • Issue executive orders to make quick and temporary solutions to national and foreign problems
  • Head the Cabinet of Ministers

List of Chancellors

Below is a complete list of Chancellors that have served during the existence of the Second Empire of Atiera

No. Portrait Name[a]
Term of office Party Deputy Sovereign
1 Lord Strachan
(born 2005)
4 December
15 March
Ordo Caelestis None Alexander I

2 His Excellency
William Cooper
(born 2006)
15 March
30 March
CCF None
3 File:Jamez.jpg His Excellency
James Bornstein
(born 2006)
30 March
Incumbent AMC None



  1. Including honorifics.