Atieran Moderate Coalition

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Atieran Moderate Coalition
Chair & ChancellorJames Bornstein
Vice ChairChris Ramsay
Founded14 March 2022
Radical Lincolnism
Political positionCentre-left to Centre-right
Colors  Grey
Imperial Assembly
File:AMC Council Seats

The current iteration of the Atieran Moderate Coalition (AMC) is an Atieran is a political party founded within the Second Empire of Atiera on 14 March 2022, with its roots dating back to a party of the same name in the Kingdom of Atiera founded in May 2021, with both having been established by the party's current Chair James Bornstein. It was founded in response to what Bornstein was viewed as excessive inactivity and divisiveness within Atiera, with him believing a moderate ideology was the solution to these problems.

The party quickly rose to success, with Bornstein becoming Chancellor of Atiera on 30 May 2022 following a victory in the May 2022 general election in which all seats were won, including an unexpected triumph in which Varuna Sriraya defeated incumbent Chancellor William Cooper in the race for Camelot's first seat.



A party also known as the Atieran Moderate Coalition was founded during the Kingdom of Atiera era, also being established by James Bornstein, with Rory Leonard helping launch the party, eventually becoming Vice Chair. Bornstein authored a Charter, which despite minor amendments, is the same Charter that governs today's AMC. Bornstein, however, departed Atiera before the next election due to a temporary extended micronational break.

Following the dissolving of Atiera's previous iteration, the party faded away into nonexistence. Bornstein returned to Atiera on 14 March 2022, immediately founding the current iteration of the AMC. Shortly after, Bornstein selected Chris Ramsay as Vice Chair of the party. During the period between the founding and the May general election, the party modified its Charter and recruited candidates. By 19 May, nominations had closed. The AMC became the only party to file candidates in all six seats, with three being automatically elected unopposed, with the remainder all winning on 30 May.

May 2022 Elections

The Atieran Moderate Coalition was the only party in Atiera to file a candidate in all six districts in the Atieran Imperial Assembly and the only party to have an official slate of multiple endorsed candidates. The AMC nominated party Chair James Bornstein, party Vice Chair Chris Ramsay, Varuna Sriraya, Rory Leonard, Sammy P. Pike, and Cameron Cezar for the six districts.

Directly following the closing of candidate nominations on 19 May 2022, Bornstein, Pike-Hegar, and Cezar were automatically elected, as no other candidates filed to run in their districts. No other party filed for the remaining three seats, which showed that only one seat was needed for an absolute majority.

Throughout the election, the primary themes the AMC campaigned upon were supporting moderate policies and working alongside members of other parties effectively, as well as expanding Atiera's outreach to the broader micronational community further, with support being expressed for examining establishing further relations with other micronations, and potentially applying for membership in organizations such as Grand Unified Micronational, of which Atiera's previous iteration was a member.

On 30 May, it was officially announced all three contested seats had been won by AMC candidates Varuna Sriraya, Chris Ramsay, and Rory Leonard. James Bornstein thereafter became the Chancellor of Atiera, picking a cabinet containing Leonard, Ramsay, and Emperor Alexander the following day.