Minister of Agreements and Development

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Minister of Agreements, Development and Projects of the Cupertino Alliance
Seal of the Ministry of Agreements, Development and Projects
Jayden Lycon

since 30 May 2021
AppointerChair of the Board
Inaugural holderJayden Lycon
Formation17 March 2020

The Minister of Agreements, Development and Projects is the head of the ministry of the same name. They are responsible for supervising agreements and promoting development within the alliance.

List of Ministers

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Deputy Term of office
1 No-Photo-Available-240x300.jpg Jayden Lycon
Fifth Aenderian Republic
N/A 22 March 2020 29 March 2020
Assumed by Chair of the Board Lycon following the passage of the Ministers Act.

2 File:Asian dude.png Matthew Xia
Republic of Yu-Xia
N/A 29 March 2020 22 February 2021
Appointed the chair after their brief stint in office.
3 Iggy Hockenheim.png Konstantínos Hockenheim
Confederation of Nova Tromsø
N/A 22 February 2021 30 May 2021
Appointed by chair Simon Reeve. Relieved of duties by executive proclamation on 30 May 2021.[1]

4 No-Photo-Available-240x300.jpg Jayden Lycon
Empire of Qaflana
N/A 30 May 2021
Appointed following an executive proclamation.[1]


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