Prince Saikat

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His Royal Highness
Prince Saikat
Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Vishwamitra
Assumed office
17 June 2020
Rashtradhyaksh Tanishkaa Patranabish
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Princess Anoushkaa
Personal information
Born January 3, 2006 (2006-01-03) (age 15)
Guwahati, India
Nationality  Vishwamitra
Political party National People's Congress
Relations Arnab Sil (brother)
Occupation Student, Politician
Religion Hindu

Prince Saikat also referred to as Saikat Seal (born 3 January 2006) is a Vishwamitran royal and politician who has been a part of various union council of ministers having served under numerous Prime Ministers. He is also the younger brother and only sibling of the Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant, Arnab Sil. He also serves as the Senior Prince of Madhya Prant and is first-in-line of succession in the province.

Personal life

He was born on 3 January 2006 in Guwahati in the north-eastern state of Assam, India. He is the second son of Prince Father Rabindranath and Princess Mother Nirada. He is the younger brother and only sibling of the current Rajpramukh of Madhya Prant, Arnab Sil. He is currently a high school student studying at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Maligaon.

Political career

He joined the nation as a citizen in December 2015, and was soon inducted into the new council of ministers as a Minister of State under Prime Minister Sarala Baishya in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Following the introduction of the multi-party system of government in the nation in April 2016, he along with his older sibling Arnab Sil formed the Children's Group Freedom Party, which became an ally of the Friends Society Secular Party and both leaders joined the union council of ministers under Prime Minister Dhrubajyoti Roy on 11 April 2016. He was reappointed to the same position and was in office until 29 May 2016. On 29 May, he was entrusted the additional duties of the independent charge of the Vice President's Office. In a cabinet reshuffle held on 10 July 2016, he was relieved of his duties in the Ministry of Home Affairs and was entrusted the independent charge of the Ministry of External Affairs, thereby becoming the first foreign minister of the nation. He resigned from the union council of ministers following his appointment to a gubernatorial office on 18 September.

On 18 September 2016, he was appointed as the first Governor of North Guwahati and remained in position until his resignation to run for the Parliament in the 2016 December elections.

Titles, styles and honours

National honours

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