State of Herzetia

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State of Herzetia
Anthem: Unify!

CapitalNew Nolius
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentMilitary dictatorship
• Prime Minister
CurrencyUS Dollar
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright

The State of Herzetia, more commonly known as Herzetia, is a micronation located in Oregon, United States. It was created by ex-caliph A.Y on November 27, 2020 following the dissolution of the First Grand Herzetian Caliphate. Herzetia is made up of 5 provinces, and has a population of 3. Herzetia is an member state of the Micronational Assembly, and the prime minister previously served as a councilman in the organization.


The name "Herzetia" was invented by the current ruler of the micronation and has no direct ties to anything intentionally, although the German word for "heart" is "herz".


Herzetia was reformed after the dissolution of the First Grand Herzetian Caliphate, a jihadist Islamic caliphate also under the control of A.Y. The country was dissolved shortly after the end of the Tungsten-MACP War.

Politics and government

The State of Herzetia is a despotic state, with a prime minister who controls all functions and aspects of the Herzetian government, economy, military, judicial system, and all other functions. No elections take place, and no political parties are allowed.


The Herzetian military is comprised of one branch, the Herzetian Army. The army uses a traditional and simple military structure, with recruited or conscripted soldiers having opportunities to be promoted to higher ranks. The army's tactics resemble those of guerilla warfare, although the army may use a variation on Napoleonic tactics if needed, with the use of single shot rifles, to increase efficiency. Soldiers can be recruited or conscripted from the civilian population. Standard issue for Herzetian infantry consists of a brown/tan shirt/coat, butternut trousers, black boots, a kepi or helmet, a simple chest rig, a webbing consisting of a belt and pouch, a small leather bag for carrying orders or other documents, and a .177 caliber bb rifle. Standard artillery issue consists of a gray shirt, gray trousers, black boots, a kepi or helmet, a large bag for carrying rounds and combustion fluid, and a .177 caliber pistol for self-defense. Civilians may be drafted into service during times of war or crisis, and may choose to leave once the conflict is over, or if they are discharged otherwise. The State of Herzetia has not been involved in any armed conflicts thus far, but its predecessors have.


Herzetia has strong diplomatic relations with the following nations:


Herzetia is apart of the following organizations:


Herzetia is made up of numerous provinces.

Flag Name
NewCordania.png Cordania
OldDorimia.png Dorimia
NewKravia.png Kravia
NewAldun.png Aldun
Umbra.png Umbra