Ernish-Mountain States War

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Ernish-Mountain States War
Date25 August 2019 – 6 October 2019
Result Mountain States victory
Union of Mountain States
 United Provinces of Natlin
Kingdom of the Saugeen
United Ocean States
2nd Republic Of East Michigan
Republic of Larcon
Ernish Union
Republic of Craldonia
Enclave of Taedong
Johnny Land Juno Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Hunt Powell
United Provinces of Natlin Jacob Vancapelle
Jaime P. III
Johnny Lee
Youri Koeman

The Ernish-Mountain States War was a conflict fought between the Ernish Union and Union of Mountain States which involved allies of both belligerents. No physical fighting occurred but espionage and infiltration tactics were used in the war. Union of Mountain States and allies eventually won the war, as most of the enemy countries dropped out or surrendered with the exception of the Enclave of Taedong, which recognizes the Taedong-Mountain States War as the continuation of the conflict. The conflict is considered to be the main event to kick start what would become the Korp Sector.