Taedong Enclave

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Taedong Special Administrative Enclave of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
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Flag of Taedong
Coat of Arms of Taedong
Coat of Arms
Motto: 강성대국 (Powerful and Prosperous Nation)
Anthem: "애국 카" Aegukka (Korean)
"Patriotic Song"

Official languages
Demonym(s)North Korean
GovernmentOne-party state
Kim Il-sung
Kim Jong-un
• Premier
Kim Tok-hun
Pak Jeong-hoon
LegislatureSupreme People's Assembly
• Separated from the Netherlands and unofficially joined DPR Korea
April 29, 2019
• Estimate
CurrencyDPRK Won, Euro
Time zoneCEST

Taedong, officially the Taedong Special Administrative Enclave of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Korean: 조선민주주의인민공화국 대동특별행정구 / Dutch: Taedong Speciale Administratieve Enclave van de Democratische Volksrepubliek Korea), also known as the Taedong Enclave or the Enclave of Taedong is a self-proclaimed, unrecognized and self declared enclave of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, located in the Netherlands. The small plot of land has a form of self-government, which gives the enclave its own rules and way of leadership. It acts as a hamlet with self controll. The enclave is 15x9 meters in size and has 2 residents, with as leader the 28 year old founder Pak Jeong-hoon, Enclave Leader of Taedong and formerly head of state of the now no longer existing micronations of North Dutch Korea and the Blue Star Islands. Head of state of Taedong is Kim Il-sung and the Supreme Leader is Kim Jong-un. Premier is Kim Tok-hun.

Officialy Taedong has 2 citizens. The second citizen, Pak Sung-ho, grandfather of the Enclave Leader, passed away on the age of 65 in the year 2019. Because Pak had very good relations with his grandfather, he granted him North Korean citizenship, as a sign of thanks for everything that his grandfather had done for him. This makes Taedong one of the few enclaves in the world with a deceased person as citizen. In 2020, a year after he passed away, Pak Sung-ho was given the title of Beloved Grandfather and Great Friend of Taedong.

Taedong sees itself as a semi micronation. It calls itself an "autonomous enclave under the wise leadership of the Supreme Commander". It has a form of self-government and can make its own decisions.


The Taedong Enclave was founded on April 29, 2019 as the Unofficial DPRK Enclave of Kim Dong by the then 23 year old Pak Jeong-hoon. From 20 to 23, he was head of state of the no longer existing micronations of North Dutch Korea (2016 - 2018) and the Blue Star Islands (2018 - 2018). Pak discovered the term micronationalism at the age of 19, while browsing YouTube. There he found videos of the Republic of Molossia, the Realm of Calsahara and the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. He saw how people took a piece of land and declared it independent.

In the beginning, Pak liked the idea, but saw nothing to do it himself. Until he made the choice at the age of 20 to give it a shot. The house where he lived was declared independent and was given the name North Dutch Korea. This micronation was a parody of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a country that Pak is still a big supporter of today. When his friends asked if they could participate in the North Dutch Korea project, Pak thought his house was too small for a 4-men country. So he declared a piece of forest within walking distance from his home the new territory of North Dutch Korea. The apartment where Pak lived was turned into the Northern Dutch Korean embassy in the Netherlands. In 2018, the micronation fell into oblivion with the citizens and North Dutch Korea ceased to exist.

Pak Jeong-hoon had the idea to create a new micronation, with a different territory and a different name. He discovered 3 small islands off the northern coast Antarctica and declared them independent. The name of these islands would be the Blue Star Islands. However, this micronation did not last long. After six months, the micronation was stopped again.

Pak Jeong-hoon was 23 years old when he was thinking about another new micronation. This time it should not be a country of its own, but a part of an already existing country. Then, on April 29, 2019, he decided to name his house the Unofficial DPRK Enclave of Kim Dong, thinking he could be part of his favorite country, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 2 weeks after the foundation of Kim Dong, the name was changed to The Unofficial DPRK Enlave of Taedong, named after the Taedong River that flows through the Korean capital Pyongyang. The word Unofficial was also changed a week after the name change. The enclave would continue as the Self Declared DPRK Enclave of Taedong. On 19 August 2021 the name was changed again. The new name would be the Taedong Special Administrative Enclave of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or simply Taedong, Enclave of Taedong or Taedong Enclave. This name is based on the full name of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China). Pak Jeong-hoon decided to (unofficialy) exchange his Dutch nationality for the North Korean, bought a DPRK flag and started the Taedong Youtube channel.


Taedong is a small enclave. It is split into 2 parts, Mandong and Kaedong. These parts will move to another location in the future as Taedong consists of a temporary region. It is hoped that with the relocation of Taedong the territory will be larger than it is now.


Taedong does not have its own army. It is protected by the Dutch army, this is because Taedong is still a de facto part of the Netherlands. Despite the lack of military forces, it has still waged some wars. An example of this is the Ernland-Mountain States war, which lasted from 25 August 2019 to 6 October 2019. Taedong was also at war with the Union of Mountain States from 25 August, 2019 to 23 May 2020. This war has been a forgotten war in the last 7 months of the war because no more attention was paid to the conflict. Meanwhile, Mountain States has been replaced by a new micronation called Faltree. This means that Mountain States that Taedong was at war with no longer exists, and so the war between Taedong and Mountain States ended. According to the Enclave Leader, this war has no winner because a peace treaty has never been signed. He'd vowed to continue the war until Mountain States surrendered, but there's no point in going to war if the country you're waging war on no longer exists. And so this war ended without a winner or loser. The Taedong - Mountain States war lasted 9 months, making this conflict the longest war Taedong has ever waged. Also a Cold War happened between Taedong and it's allies against the Republic of Anstrisia, nowadays known as Recanesia. This cold war lasted from 31st December till Jan 3rd.

The 4th and so far last war in which Taedong was involved was the Second Recanesia War. This was a political conflict that started on 22nd May and ended on 22nd May. The war was fought on YouTube with no winners or losers.


In Taedong, as little as possible Western media is viewed, read or listened to. People prefer to read the Pyongyang Times, watch KCNA and listen to the Voice of Korea. Russia Today and CGTN are also widely watched. Taedong also has its own newspaper, called the Taedong Times. This news source posts separate news articles on Youtube every time when there is news from the enclave.


The official currency of Taedong is the DPRK won. All payments are converted to this. It is not possible to pay with physical money in the enclave.


Because Taedong is not its own country but part of another country, it is not possible for Taedong to form alliances. However, it is possible for Taedong to make friendships with micronations all over the world. Currently, Pochehova, Truto and Stravonska are the best friend states of Taedong. These friendships are now several years old and it is hoped that they may continue for a long time.


  • Taedong is named after the Taedong river, a river that flows through the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.
  • A letter was never sent to the Dutch government about Taedong being a North Korean republic, therefore it is still de facto Dutch territory.
  • As far as is known, Taedong is the only North Korean republic in the Netherlands, even it is not official.
  • Besides being a North Korean republic, Taedong is also an autonomous area. It acts as it's own municipality.
  • In the past, Pak Jeong-hoon had plans to apply for Chinese nationality at the Chinese embassy in The Hague, because he was not proud of his Dutch nationality. However, this never happened.