Stravonskan Soviet Republic

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Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Stravonskan Soviet Republic (English) Sowjetrepublik Stravonska (German)
Flag of Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Coat of arms of Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: "Vive Stravonska!"
Anthem: "The People's Song"
LocationWest Midlands, England
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German
No Official Religion
GovernmentStalinist Communism
LegislatureCentral Assembly of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Establishment30 November 2019
• Census
CurrencyStravonskan pound, Stravonskan penny
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

The Stravonskan Soviet Republic was founded as the Mighty Republic of Yuroslavia by Chairman Samuel Hussey on 30 November 2019, but did not gain official independence until two days later on 2 December 2019, when the official Declaration of Independence was signed by the Chairman, and the first, official flag of the country was flown in the Capital. On 20 December 2019, Yuroslavia was renamed to Stravonska because of confusion between Yuroslavia and Yugoslavia.

Stravonska is a high ranking member of the European League of Micronations and the Founding State of the MCSL (Micronational Communist Socialist League), which has 17 member states.

Mainland Stravonska as well as the George's Land SSR and Marlenegrad SSR are located in the West Midlands of England with territory in Northern England, Newfoundland Canada, and Slovenia. The Mainland is roughly 50 m2 size with the capital city Stravinsky, laying in the Northern Mainland inside the Wilmington SSR.

Stravonska is made up of eleven separate Stravonskan Soviet Republics:

  • Wilmington SSR - 29 June 2020
  • Yuroslavian SSR - 29 June 2020
  • Woolacombe SSR - 29 June 2020
  • Bluetopian SSR - 29 June 2020
  • Eldstein SSR - 24 September 2020
  • George’s Land SSR - 10 March 2021
  • Marlenegrad SSR - 25 September 2021
  • Novyystok SSR - January 2, 2022
  • Podarok SSR - 18 January 2022
  • Kanastlagrad SSR - 18 January 2022
  • Slovensk SSR - 20 January 2022
  • Dawidsłow SSR - June 28th 2022
  • Vogelgrad SSR - July 3rd 2022
  • Kamchatka SSR - July 4th 2022

The SSR System was introduced in 2020 following the War with Bluetopia after Stravonska had acquired so much new territory, that it could not all be managed by the Central Assembly alone.

Having so much Land has allowed Stravonska to grow and to house 46 citizens across these republics.

Stravonska sees itself as a real, independent and sovereign nation, and have been so far almost 3 years. This means they exercise full jurisdiction over their claimed lands. Stravonska is open to all Micronations who wish to pursue friendly relations.

National Anthem Lyrics

The People’s Song, National Anthem of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic, 2021 - Present:

“Raise up the flag of our nation, As the morning sun rises! It’s beams light up our fatherland, Another day has begun!

The people flock to their work, Ready to fulfil their duty! At every field and every factory, The people’s song can be heard!

Through times of struggle and suffering, Arose the spirit of Labour! The firm will of the people, Went forth to conquer the foe!

Long live our Soviet Fatherland, A state for the working class! To communism’s triumphs, Wherever they may lead us!

The people flock to their work, Ready to fulfil their duty! At every field and every factory, The people’s song can be heard!”.

The lyrics of the “People’s Song” where written by the Chairman himself and adopted officially in 2022, when previously the anthem had been purely instrumental since 2021. (Note: The Anthem sound linked at the top of our page is the short version of our anthem, the full version can be found on the Stravonskan Soviet Republic YouTube Channel).

Satellite States

Since 2021, Stravonska has created a number of Satellite States located across the world. Different Satellite States are ranked differently depending on their background and usefulness to Stravonska.

Client States are nations that are not directly controlled by Stravonska or it’s government but are however their own government is under heavy political influence by Stravonska. The only Stravonskan Client State is the Straspol Socialist People's Republic. A micronation located in Cradley Heath, England.

Satellite States enjoy limited autonomy but are not fully independent like Client States. They are somewhat looked upon as colonies and are under direct control of the Central Assembly and cannot leave the Stravonskan Sphere of influence. The current Satellite States are the People's Republic of Alberia, and the Chernovac Socialist Republic.

Puppet States have extremely low autonomy, and the autonomy they do have is mainly symbolic with no real meaning or benefits. Like the Satellite States, the Puppet States of Stravonska are under the direct control of the Central Assembly and have no government of their own. The only Stravonskan Puppet State is the Ebysinnian Socialist Republic which was founded in April 2022, following the total defeat of the Empire of Ebysinnia and it’s failed invasion of Stravonska in the spring of 2022.

Wars, Conflicts and Military Operations

Since it's creation, Stravonska has been involved in a number of Wars, Conflicts and Military Operations:

War with Bluetopia, 24 January – 26 June 2020

Operation Hornigold, 26 February 2022

Occupation of the South, 12 March 2022

Koncje Civil War, 12–17 March 2022

Stravonskan-Ebysinnian War, 29 March – 22 April 2022

Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War, 8 May 2022 – Present

Administrative divisions

The Stravonskan Soviet Republic has several Administrative Divisions within the State Government. These Administrations help the Nation to run smoothly and safely.

The Stravonskan Defence Agency:

The SDA acts as both the Secret Police and Intelligence Agency of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic. Helping the Nation to stay safe from espionage. The head of the SDA since it's establishment in 2021, is Damian Hughes, fifth member of the Central Assembly. The exact amount of members operating inside of the SDA is classified.

Seal of the SDA

Stravonskan Labour Front:

The Stravonskan Labour Front is a state owned and operated Worker's Trade Union. The idea for a Stravonskan Trade Union came around when Chairman Hussey visited the Marlenegrad Factory the day before. Since it's creation on February 17, 2022, the Labour Front has proved to be a success in improving Worker's rights, conditions and payroll.

Flag of the Stravonskan Labour Front

Food Department:

Established on the 2nd of January 2021, The Stravonskan Food Department's job is to make sure all food grown in George's Land get's distributed equally amongst the peoples.

It also helps to prevent citizens from going hungry and errors regarding food shortages like what has been witnessed in other Communist Nations around the Globe.

Logo of the Food Department

Stravonska Radio:

One of, if not the most famous Administration inside Stravonska, is Stravonska Radio. Created in 2020, the purpose of Stravonska Radio is to provide the people with Music, Entertainment, and Happiness. The idea for Stravonska Radio came about after the Chairman listened to a Radio Show from the Republic of Molossia. It was clear in that moment that Stravonska needed it's own Radio Station to help boost morale during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Episodes of Stravonska Radio can be found on the Stravonskan Soviet Republic's Youtube Channel!

Logo of Stravonska Radio


Unlike many other Micronations, Stravonska is divided into 7 provinces scattered around the globe in England, Canada, Slovenia, Poland, Serbia and the Netherlands.

The Mainland:

The Mainland is the heart of Stravonska and home to the Capital City, Stravinsky (Formerly Wilmington). The Mainland is around 50 meters squared with a 40 meter long enclave to the South East. This is also where the Yuroslavia, Wilmington, Woolacombe, Bluetopia and Eldstein SSR’s are located. The Mainland can be found in the West Midlands of England.

The location of the Mainland inside the European continent
Map of the Mainland SSR's Borders

George’s Land:

George’s Land is an allotment located a mere 5 minutes drive away from the Mainland, measuring at 40 meters squared. George’s Land was named after the Chairman’s Grandfather who the allotment belongs to. At first, George’s Land was a colony officially named “The Dominion of George’s Land”. It was acquired by Stravonska in March 2021 and was the first territory claimed by the nation which was not connected to the mainland. The reason George’s Land was claimed was due to it being an agricultural strategic point which could benefit the Stravonskan economy and ability to function independently. The reason it was not annexed directly was due to the Chairman’s Grandfather not wanting his land to become foreign, so in turn it only made sense for George’s Land to be a colony. However over time it’s autonomy was reduced and was annexed by Stravonska on November 10, 2021.

Flag of the George's Land SSR as of November 10, 2021


The Marlenegrad SSR was established on September 25, 2021 as a part of Chairman Hussey’s first 6 month plan to improve Stravonska’s industry and economy. This made sense as Marlenegrad is an industrial hotspot which manufactures products inside the Marlenegrad Factory. These products are then exported to the United Kingdom, which creates a cash flow into the nation. Marlenegrad more or less is the Chairman’s grandparent’s backyard which contains a small factory. The Marlenegrad SSR is also home to the city of Marlenegrad, Stravonska’s only other city next to Stravinsky. Marlenegrad got it’s name from the Chairman’s grandmother because his Grandfather already had George’s Land named after him.

Flag of the Marlenegrad SSR


The Novyystok SSR is a long stretch of land located in the Greater Manchester area of Northern England and was a gift from the President of the Federated Republic of Koncje. It is believed that Novyystok is the largest Stravonskan territory not connected to the Mainland however it has not been confirmed.

Map of Novyystok (Red) next to the RPR colony of Jerusia and Mainland Konce
Flag of the Novyystok SSR

Podarok and Kanastlagrad:

Unlike all of the other Stravonskan Territories, Podarok and Kanastlagrad are not located within the European Continent. Instead these two territories are located in Newfoundland Canada. They where gifted to Stravonska on January 18, 2022 by the President of another Communist Micronation, Krusstania. Podarok is the smallest of the two provinces, located inside a Forrest next to mainland Krusstania. Kanastlagrad is the largest, located inside a different Forrest not too far from Podarok.

Map of the Podarok SSR as of January 2022
Map of the Kanastlagrad SSR as of January 2022


Following the 2021 Pochehovan De-Recognition of Eponia, the surrounding lands where gifted to ELM member states as a way of saying Thankyou for their support during the Great Eponian War. Stravonska was not directly involved in the war, however we did give aide to Pochehova during the conflict. This resulted in a medium sized piece of land located in Eastern Slovenia, being gifted to the Chairman by Pochehovan President, Neo Kukovec, on January 20, 2022.

Map of the Slovensk SSR (Dark Red) and other ELM territories as of February 2022
Flag of the Slovensk SSR


On June the 28th, 2022, Dawid of the Empire of Truto, gifted Stravonska a piece of the "Mikułow Strip". This event marks several achievements for Stravonska. Firstly it is a big step in Stravonskan-Truto relations as Dawid, the Leader, is publicly Anti-Communist, however he and the Chairman see each other as great allies. Secondly it marked Stravonska's return to it's prime following the dissolution of the Laverian SSR, which was a micronation in Canada that decided to join Stravonska. And thirdly it marks Stravonska's first territory inside a former Eastern Bloc nation, Poland.

In return, the Chairman gifted land to Truto as a sign of mutual respect and friendship.

Dawidsłow is named after the Trutian Leader.

Flag of the Dawidsłow SSR

Ariel view of Dawidsłow at the end of the Mikułow Strip


On July 2, 2022, President Youri Koeman, of the Reformed People's Republic, gifted Stravonska a piece of land which resided next to one of their colonies.

The Chairman responded in usual fashion by gifting the RPR land outside of Stravonska but within walking distance.

The new Republic was dubbed "Vogelgrad" after the island which the territory lies upon, and as a play on the Russian city of Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad.

Flag of the Vogelgrad SSR
Map of the Vogelgrad SSR


Kamachatka is the smallest SSR, located in Serbia. This land is treasured by Stravonska as it is our second piece of Territory which is located inside of the old Yugoslavia, as well as the Slovensk SSR. It was gifted to Stravonska on July 4, 2022, by the United Republics of Anslavia.

As usual the Chairman responded by gifting Anslavia land just outside of Mainland Stravonska. The name "Kamchatka" came from the Chairman, who had just started watching the new series of Stranger Things, and liked the name "Kamchatka" which was used as the name of the Soviet Gulag which appeared in the show.

Flag of the Kamchatka SSR

Those wishing to travel between Stravonskan lands with a Stravonskan Citizenship must carry an official Stravonskan Passport for entry into our territory.

Stravonskan Passports can also apply to Stravonskan Satellite States and our allies. If none-citizens of Stravonska wish to seek entry, a Macronational passport is mandatory. Those visiting Stravonska will be checked prior to entry for security reasons.

Those seeking entry into Macronations with a Stravonskan Passport run the risk of being denied. If seeking to enter a Macronation, please use a Macronational passport as Stravonskan Passports may not be accepted. The Stravonskan government cannot interfere with holders of a Stravonskan Passport being rejected entry into a Macronation.

Free Stravonskan Passports can be claimed by Citizens at the Government Building in Stravinsky located within the Stravonskan Mainland.

The front cover of a Stravonskan Passport (Note the old Coat of Arms still present)

Government and Ideology

As you can probably tell from it’s name, Stravonska is a communist nation, more specifically a Stalinist nation. This is due to the Chairman’s support of Soviet Leader , Joseph Stalin’s [1] Five Year Plans [2] , which turned the USSR [3] from a struggling third world country into a global superpower. Using Stalinism, Chairman Hussey was able to implement his own version of these plans called “The Six Month Plans”, Allowing the Stravonskan economy to grow and flourish. Despite it’s benefits, the Chairman and Stravonskan Central assembly, do not support Stalin’s genocide against ethnic groups in the Soviet Union, and the killings of innocent people via the gulag system. Once the Chairman has implemented all of his Six Month Plans, it is expected that Stravonska will abandon Stalinism in favour of a more Marxist-Leninist way of government.

Communist Party of Stravonska:

Stravonska is a one party state that does not hold elections. The current ruling party is the Communist Party of Stravonska, which assumed power when the country was established in 2019. The positions held in the Stravonskan Government, reflect the positions held in the Party, with Chairman Hussey serving as General Secretary and head spokesman, Deputy Chairman Pugh serving as Deputy, and Assistant Chairman Safe serving as Third in command. Most members of the Stravonskan Central Assembly are members of the CPS, with the exception of George Hussey, head of Industry, Infrastructure and Agriculture.

The Communist Party of Stravonska does have it’s own Hymn which can be listened to here, [4]

Flag of the Communist Party of Stravonska
Emblem of the Communist Party of Stravonska

Armed Forces

Motto: “We wage war on the land, in the sky and in the depths of the sea”

Stravonska has a long history of Militarism. From the Creation of the Armed Forces in 2019 and the War with Bluetopia in 2020, all the way up to the present day. The Stravonskan Armed Forces currently has a manpower of 9, serving across all 3 branches. This makes the Armed Forces a flexible entity. A video on the Stravonskan YouTube channel displays the uniforms of the Armed Forces. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is Samuel Hussey, with seventh member of the Central Assembly, Bradley Williams, acting as head.

Flag of the Stravonskan Armed Forces

The Congressional People’s Army:

Motto: “Through the Battlefield, We go for the Fatherland”

The CPA is Stravonska’s most recognisable branch. The main role of the CPA is to protect the Nation’s interests both at home and abroad. The CPA’s main tasks are peace keeping missions, special operations, patrols and military exercises.

The Congressional People’s Army gained it’s reputation during the War with Bluetopia when it defeated the Imperial Army at the Battle’s of Border Pass and Fort Hilltop.

The army is divided into 2 regiments, the 1st Yuroslavian and 2nd Wilmington. This allows the Army to be more flexible due to one regiment being able to conduct one set of tasks while the other conducts another set of tasks.

Equipment used by the CPA varies, however soldiers are often issued basic army equipment followed by a trench shovel, gas mask and Airsoft Weapons. The basic soldier is issued an Airsoft AK-47 with Officers being issued Airsoft P08 Luger Pistols. Airsoft guns can vary as some soldiers will be issued different firearms on some occasions.

Flag of the Congressional People's Army

Emblem of the Congressional People's Army

The Congressional People’s Navy:

Motto: “Through the Sea, We go for the Fatherland”

Stravonska does is a landlocked nation however we do have our own navy! Being a landlocked nation means that we have to operate in British waters. The Congressional People’s Navy is made up of three different vessels.

The first two are Canoes. The SNV (Stravonskan Naval Vessel) Stravonskan Champion, which is a one man canoe commissioned in 2020. The Champion mostly sails on the Staffordshire-Worcestershire Canal and the River Stour.

The Second, SNV Stravonskan Challenger, is a two man canoe which was also commissioned in 2020. The Challenger is stored in the town of Arley, West Midlands and mostly sails on the River Severn.

The Third vessel is an inflatable kayak. The SNV Stravonskan Explorer is a research vessel not used in combat. It was commissioned in 2021 and has only embarked on one voyage which was a research expedition which took place in the Bristol Channel on July 20, 2021. This was the first time the Congressional People’s Navy had operated in the open ocean, however it proved to be a great success.

Flag of the Congressional People's Navy
Emblem of the Congressional People's Navy

The Congressional People’s Air Force:

Motto: “Through the Sky, We go for the Fatherland”

The Congressional People’s Air Force is made up of 2 recon drones, 1 recon helicopter, and 2 model planes converted to bombers.

All aircraft are operated by ground crews using remote control. The purpose of the Congressional People’s Airforce is to perform recon missions and to protect Stravonskan Air Space from hostile threats.

Flag of the Congressional People's Air Force

Emblem of the Congressional People's Air Force

The Granitsavoyska:

The Granitsavoyska, officially the Border Police of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic, is the Border Guard branch of the Armed Forces. It's purpose is to patrol the borders that the Army cannot, such as the borders of George's Land, Marlenegrad and Novyystok. The Granitsavoyska proved itself when it successfully held it's ground against KPK forces during the Koncje Civil War in March, 2022. The head of the Granitsavoyska and Sixth Member of the Central Assembly is Connor Lewis-Freeman.

Stravonska will always exercise full jurisdiction over it's territory so it is important that we have the resources to do so.

Ensign of the Granitsavoyska
Emblem of the Granitsavoyska


The Stravonskan Soviet Republic is a dictatorship, hence it has no elections. However instead of being ruled by one single person, a total of 7 people lead the nation.

The Chairman:

The Chairman is the head of both the Government and the Communist Party of Stravonska, and is effectively the face of the Nation. Their job is to make sure the country and government as a whole runs smoothly. The Current Chairman is Samuel J Hussey who assumed office on November 30, 2019 following the formation of Stravonska. The Chairman also creates laws, departments and is responsible for diplomatic relations with other Micronations. The Chairman has the power to declare marshal law at any moment and everything created by the Central Assembly must pass him first.

Deputy Chairman:

The Deputy Chairman is second in command and his role is to simply assist the Chairman with his duties if needed, and to act as his successor should he die or resign. The current Deputy Chairman is Max Pugh, who assumed his position on November 4, 2020.

Assistant Chairman:

The Assistant Chairman is third in command and his role follows the Deputy. The Assistant Chairman acts as the Deputies successor should he die or resign.

The current Assistant Chairman is Bradley Safe, who assumed his position on November 4, 2020.

The Central Assembly:

The Central Assembly is a governmental entity created in 2020. It’s role is to act as the official Government of Stravonska made up of Communist Party Members who where chosen by the Chairman to act as heads of departments. The Central Assembly can propose laws and acts however the Chairman must approve of them first. The Central Assembly is currently made up of 7 members. These members are:

•Chairman Samuel Hussey

•Deputy Chairman Max Pugh

•Assistant Chairman Bradley Safe

•Chief of Industry, Infrastructure and Agriculture: George Hussey

•Head of the SDA: Damian Hughes

•Head of the Border Police: Connor Lewis-Freeman

•Head of the Armed Forces: Bradley Williams

Emblem of the Chairman

Emblem of the Central Assembly