People's Republic of Alberia

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The People's Republic of Alberia is a micronation located on the upper half of New harbour island and the northern section of a separate larger Island further out to sea in Newfoundland. Alberia is a Satellite state of The Stravonskan Soviet Republic. The territory came under Stravonskan control after the President of Krusstania, and owner of the Island presented it as a gift to the Chairman of Stravonska.

People's Republic of Alberia
Flag of the Alberia.jpg
COA of Alberia.jpg
Coat of arms
Motto: “For Alberia!”
Anthem: “State Anthem of the People's Republic of Alberia"
Official languagesEnglish German
GovernmentStalinist Communism
EstablishmentJanuary 18th 2022
• Census
CurrencyStravonskan Pound And Stravonskan Penny + Canadian Dollars
Time zoneNewfoundland Time

Alberia is an extremely isolated nation, with the only citizen being Samuel Hussey, the Chairman of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic, and head of state of Alberia.

Alberia also does not have a capital city as it's land mass encompasses uninhabited islands, however plans to build structures on the islands have been made by the Stravonskan Central Assembly in partnership with the government of Krusstania to build structures on the islands.

Like Chernovac and Ebysinnia, Alberia is under direct control of the Stravonskan Central Assembly with no governemnt of it's own.

Alberia is also a member of the European League of Micronations.

Map of Alberia (Centre top and centre bottom) and the surrounding territories