Straspol Socialist People's Republic

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Straspol Socialist People's Republic
Flag of Straspol SPR.jpg
COA of Straspol SPR.jpg
Coat of arms
Motto: Proletariats Unite!
Anthem: Straspol Awake!
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentStalinist Communism
• Premier
James Cartwright
Establishment24th December 2021
• Census
CurrencyGBP + Stravonskan Pounds and Pennies
Time zoneBritish Standard Time

The Straspol Socialist People's Republic is a Communist Micronation located in Cradley Heath, England.

It came into existence as an experiment conducted by the Stravonskan Soviet Republic after Chairman Samuel Hussey decided to create a Stravonsksan "Sister Republic". Straspol's mainland consists of a single property which includes a Driveway, House, and Backyard, where most of Straspol's landmarks are located. Since it's creation, Straspol has proved itself to be a useful ally, aiding Stravonska in the Stravonskan-Ebysinnian War, and the European League of Micronations,in the ongoing Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War. Effectively, Straspol can be seen as "The Right Hand Man" to Stravonska.

Straspol is Semi-Independent, it has it's own government and is free to change it whenever they like, however they are under heavy political influence from the Stravonskan Central Assembly.

Straspol is also a member of the MCSL (Micronational Communist Socialist League), an organisation established by the Stravonskan Soviet Republic, with the aim of uniting leftist Micronations across the globe. The MCSL currently has 20 member states.