Mighty Republic of Yuroslavia

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Mighty Republic of Yuroslavia
Yuroslavia flag.svg
West Midlands, England, U.K
and largest city
GovernmentCommunist dictatorship
• Dictator
Samuel Hussey
Establishment30 November 2019

The Mighty Republic of Yuroslavia, commonly known as Yuroslavia, was a micronation located in the West Midlands, a ceremonial county of the United Kingdom. Yuroslavia was established on 30 November 2019 by Samuel Hussey. It formally declared independence on 2 December 2019, following the signing of the Official Declaration of Independence. It originally drew inspiration from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the USSR and the Republic of Molossia.

The period in which Yuroslavia and later pre-Soviet Republic Stravonska would exist has come to be known as the Development Period, a time in which the Nation was taking shape and had not yet found it’s own identity.

The name “Yuroslavia” was kept until December 20th 2019, when the nation was renamed “Stravonska”. The flag used by Yuroslavia, officially the national ensign of the former SFR Yugoslavia, was kept until January 9th 2021 when the then “Stravonskan Democratic Republic” was reformed into the Stravonskan Soviet Republic.


Yuroslavia was a communist micronation. It was unknown as to what positions comprise Yuroslavia's government; however, Samuel Hussey and the Communist Party of Yuroslavia ran the government, with the former acting as dictator.

Foreign relations

Yuroslavia was allied with 3 nations:

  • Molossia
  • Grand Republic of Cookiestan
  • Kingdom of Bluetopia



Yuroslavia had 4 holidays:

  • 18 March - Dictator Day
  • 30 November - Yuroslavia Day
  • 2 December - Independence Day
  • 11 December - Flag Day