Stravonskan-Ebysinnian War

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Date29 March - 23 April 2022
West Midlands, England
Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Pochehovan Socialist Republic
Mizrahi Republic
Holy Kingdom of Ramaria (Support)
Federated Republic of Koncje
Empire of Ebysinnia
Commanders and leaders
Samuel Hussey Charles I

The Stravonskan-Ebysinnian War, also known as the Second War with Bluetopia, was a military conflict between Ebysinnia and Stravonska, Which mirrors Bluetopia's attack on Stravonska in 2020.

The war began on March 29th 2022, when the Empire of Ebysinnia invaded the Stravonskan Soviet Republic and their satellite state, the Chernovac Socialist Republic.

At first Stravonska was constantly on the defensive, but after several Ebysinnian attempts to push through Northern Eldstein, they where on the offensive, rapidly retaking the land that was taken by Ebysinnia.

By April 18th, All Stravonskan land had been liberated. As a last ditch attempt to win the war, Ebysinnia moved troops throught the Neutral Zone on April 19th. By doing this, the Ebysinnian Legion could go around the side of the Congressional People's Army, and reach the Stravonskan Capital. This attempt failed however, and by April 21st Ebysinnia was once again pushed back into their mainland.

On April 22nd, 2022, after failed peace talks, the Congressional People's Army moved into mainland Ebysinnia, crushing what remained of the battered empire.

Following the Stravinsky Treaty which was signed on April 23rd, 2022, Ebysinnia became the "Ebysinnian Socialist Republic", a Stravonskan puppet state.