War with Bluetopia

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War with Bluetopia
DateJanuary 24 - June 26 2020
Border Pass, Bluetopian Mainland
Result Stravonskan Victory, Bluetopia Annexed
Flag of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic.png Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Flag of Cookiestan.jpg Grand Republic of Cookiestan
Flag of Bluetopia.jpg Kingdom of Bluetopia
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Stravonskan Soviet Republic.png Samuel Hussey
Flag of Cookiestan.jpg Jacob Rutherford
Flag of Bluetopia.jpg Charles I

The War with Bluetopia was a military conflict fought between the Stravonskan Soviet Republic and the Kingdom of Bluetopia from the 24th of January to the 26th of June 2020.

The war began after several weeks of high tensions between the two nations, when the Kingdom of Bluetopia invaded Border Pass, the Neutral Zone between Stravonska and Bluetopia, on the night of January 23rd 2020.

When Bluetopian forces entered the Neutral Zone, Chairman Samuel Hussey was notified almost immediately. To avoid all out war, Hussey told his Brother, Charles I, that he had 12 hours to withdraw his troops.

After 12 hours had passed, nothing was heard from Bluetopia, causing Stravonska to declare war.

Fighting would begin on February 2nd and would pause on April 21st due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This caused soldiers from Stravonska's ally, Cookiestan, to return home.

On June 1st fighting continued until the war ended on June 26th after the total surrender of Bluetopian forces and the Bluetopian Government.

After the fall of Bluetopia City the following day, the nation would be re-organised into the Bluetopian SSR, a semi-independent republic within Stravonska.

Full Timeline

January 23 2020, 10pm: On the night of January 23 2020, Bluetopian forces crossed over the southern Bluetopian border and into Border Pass, the neutral zone that separated Stravonska and Bluetopia. This was a clear sign of aggression towards Stravonska so the Chairman was informed immediately. An hour later at 11 pm, he told his brother that he had 12 hours to withdraw from Border pass or else he would declare war.

January 24 2020, 11am: Nothing is heard from Bluetopia, and with their troops still occupying Border Pass, the Chairman has no choice but to force them out, causing him to declare war. That night he informed the nation with a speech that can be found on the Stravonskan YouTube Channel. While the speech is airing, the Congressional People’s army gathered just outside of Border Pass, ready to drive the Bluetopian invaders out.

January 27 2020: On the night of January 27 2020, a large swarm of Bluetopian drones carrying large rocks and water balloons appeared over Stravonska. The drones then dropped the Rocks and Water Balloons onto Stravonska, causing little physical damage, but delivering massive humiliation to the nation. This would continue almost every single night of the war.

January 31 2020: In response to Bluetopia’s bombing of Stravonska, The Chairman ordered Stravonskan drones to do the same over Bluetopia. This would also continue almost every night until the end of the war.

February 2 2020, Mid Day: The war has been raging for 9 days and neither side has directly attacked the other just yet, However, at Mid Day, the Central Assembly gave the Congressional People’s Army the go ahead to advance into Border Pass. After an intense hour of fighting, Bluetopian forces were successfully defeated, causing them to withdraw from the border. No Casualties with some minor injuries were reported.

February 3 2020, 9:40am: CookieStan, Stravonska’s ally, Officially declares war on Bluetopia.

February 7 2020, 10:00pm: Cookiestan Forces arrive at the Stravonskan-Bluetopian Border.

February 7 2020, 12:00pm: Battle For Fort Hilltop Stravonskan troops Storm the Bluetopian Fort, Fort Hilltop. Bluetopia suffered a major blow to morale and retreated, leaving the fort in Stravonskan and Cookiestan Hands.

February 8 2020, 9:50pm: Bluetopia launches a Major counterattack on Fort Hilltop. However, Stravonska and Cookiestan’s defences prove Too strong for Bluetopia to handle.

February 19 2020, 5am: Stravonskan and CookieStan forces move out of Fort Hilltop And Towards The Northern Bluetopia Border Where It Meets With England, This Way The Country Is Split In Two.

February 22 2020, 4am: Bluetopia Launches A Major Suprise Attack On CookieStan And Stravonskan Forces. The Two Sides Yet Again Engage In Deadly Trench Warfare.

April 19 2020: The Chairman Of Stravonska gives a long overdue, Pre-recorded speech about the virus and how stravonska will overcome it. This speech gives stravonska a major morale boost that was certainly needed.

April 21 2020: CookieStan forces return home due to concerns of coronavirus.

For the next couple of months, the two sides are stuck in the trenches due to the coronavirus outbreak and the war comes to a standstill with both sides agreeing not to fire onto one another so that the country’s governments can focus on the pandemic

June 1 2020: Fighting continues after nearly 6 weeks.

June 24 2020: Stravonskan forces are successful in taking land north of Fort Hilltop, splitting Bluetopia in two. This cuts many crucial communication and supply lines.

June 26 2020: Bluetopia surrenders, Chairman Hussey And King Charles I, sign the terms of surrender, Fighting does not stop until midnight the following day when Stravonska’s new national anthem plays in Stravonska’s Capital, Wilmington.

June 27 2020: Stravonskan troops enter Bluetopia city, Bluetopia’s capital. The nation of Bluetopia and the neutral area of Border Pass now becomes stravonskan territory, causing the Micronation to almost double in size.


Most of the war was fought using Trench Warfare[1], however there are a number of battles that took place:

Bluetopian Air Raids, January 27 - June 25 2020

Stravonskan Air Raids, January 31 - June 26 2020

Battle of Border Pass, February 2 2020

Battle for Fort Hilltop, February 7 2020

Second Battle for Fort Hilltop, February 8 2020


The War with Bluetopia holds a special place in the hearts of the Stravonskan People. It tells a story of how Stravonska could overcome any foe, despite the odds, and how the Stravonskan Nation emerged victorious over it's enemies.