Pochehovan Socialist Federation

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Pochehovan Socialist Federation
Počehovska Socialistična Federacija (Slovene)

Počehovska Socialistička Federacija (Croatian)

Poschehovische Sozialistische Förderation (German)

Počekesre're Ceziferce Fešir (Tirukish)
Flag of Pochehova
Coat of Arms of Pochehova
Coat of Arms
Motto: Bratstvo in Enotnost (Brotherhood and Unity)
"Naprej, zastava Slave"

Pochehova Wiki map2.png
Pochehova New mao - Copy.png
and largest city
Official languages
Recognised national languagesSlovene, English, German, Croatian, Tirukish
Ethnic groups
Slovenes, Croats, Romani
Roman Catholicism, Znanism, Islam
GovernmentNationalism / Titoism
• President
Neo Kukovec
LegislatureThe Vlada under the League of Socialists of Pochehova
• Independence from Slovenia
23 July 2018
• Estimate
CurrencyPochehovan Dinar (PHDN)
Time zoneCEST
Date formatD-M-Y
Driving sideleft

Pochehova, officially the Pochehovan Socialist Federation (Slovene: Počehovska Socialistična Federacija) (Croatian: Počehovska Socialistička Federacija) (German: Pocshehovische Sozialistische Föderation) (Tirukish: Počekesre're Ceziferce Fešir), is a micronation located in northern Slovenia in central Europe. Pochehova was founded on the 23rd of July 2018 as the Kingdom of Puma (2018). The Pochehovan Socialist Federation is one of the founding members of the European League of Micronations and is a member of the Balkan League of Micronations. The Official Currency is the Pochehovan Dinar. The mainland of Pochehova is 6,588.86 m² or 70921,89879 square feet.

Administrative Divisions

Federal Provinces (Federalne Province)

  • Flag - 2022-01-13T010640.683.png Starburg (Staribor)
  • Ograjska.png Ograjska
  • Vrtonia.png Vrtonia (Vrtonija)
  • FP GOZDIAN.png Gozdian (Gozdijan)
  • FP MIRJAM.png Miriam (Mirjam)
  • Pumalia.png Pumalia (Pumalija)
  • State of Liamistan.png Liamia (Liamija)
  • State of Luxia.png Luxia (Luksija)
  • FP MIKIA.png Mikia (Mikija)
  • State of Esthod.png Esthod (Ešthud)
  • FP. PARLA.png Parla
  • State of Mineva.png Mineva
  • State of Dreven.png Dreven (Drevenje)
  • State of Churchia.png Churchia (Čurčija)
  • Tirukia tricolore.png Autonomous Federal Province of Tirukia (Slovene:Tirukija, Tirukish:Tihrufkesre)
  • Cisia.png Cisia (Cisija)

Socialist Republics (Socialistične Republike)

  • Flag - 2022-01-06T202300.705.png Borovian Socialist Republic (Located in Maribor, Slovenia)
  • Malna S.R.png Malna Socialist Republic
  • Linijska Zastava.png Socialist Republic of Lyni
  • Crab island.png Crab Island Socialist Republic
  • Tedonia Flag.png Tedonian Socialist Republic (Located on the Croatian Coast)
  • Flag - 2022-01-06T213110.779.png Nix Socialist Republic (Claim of Pluto's moon)
  • Colony of Plochland.png Pochland Socialist Republic (A small strip of land located in the West Midlands near the allied micronation Stravonska )
  • Colony of South Konicija.png Konicijan Socialist Republic (Located in Manchester, it borders the allied micronation of Koncja )
  • Colony of New Pochehova.png Socialist Republic of New Pochehova (Located in Northern Newfoundland on a small island ceded by the Krusstanian Government)
  • Socialist Republic of Marslandia.png Socialist Republic of Marslandia (Located in Lower Polskava)
  • Kalistigrad Flag.png Socialist Republic of Avstolska (Located in South Australia, borders the Republic of Midnorth)
  • Mikvelian Autonomous Socialist Republic.png Mikvelian Socialist Republic (Located in Radenci in Slovenia)
  • Flag - 2022-09-20T100149.280.png Markgrad Socialist Republic (Located in southern Počehova region)

Krays (Kraji)

  • Flag - 2022-01-13T010113.971.png Kray of Port Puma (Located near Tedonia on the Croatian coast)

Sattelite States (Satelitne Države)

  • Empire of Malna flag.png Empire of Malna (Now annexed)
  • Peoples Republic of Novazemlja.png Peoples Republic of Novazemlja (Located in Northern Newfoundland on Dildo island and on other Island in the area. The Puppet state was given to Pochehova by the Krusstanian Government)

Novozemljan Provinces (Novozemeljske Province)

  • Province of Houpal.png Province of Houpal (Located on Houpal island)
  • Province of Tito Island.png Province of Tito Island
  • Province of Zlakje.png Province of Zlakje

Wars and Conflicts

The PSF has Fought many wars throughout its lifetime, most of them were fought with Eponia. The wars were mainly caused by Eponian aggression or Pochehovan intervention. Some wars ends and beginnings are unknown due to loss of data and poor recording of events.


In the dispute that began on the 26th of May 2021, Pochehova had a valid claim to the Territory of South Handia, but the Eponians (SDRE) Claimed that they annexed the land in March. The Pochehovan government claimed that this was an Illegal and Invalid annexation of Pochehovan Land, the Eponians responded that they will send troops to secure the land. Tensions escalated until the ELM came in to make a proposition, the proposition was to give Eponia two important pieces of land in exchange to renounce their claim.

The Malnan issue is an ongoing dispute between the Empire of Malna and Pochehova. The dispute started when the Presidents orders were being rejected by the Malnan Kaiser, after that President Neo decided to give them a warning, the Malnan Kaiser ignored the warning. Later President Neo announced that he will "take any action necessary to secure Pochehovan influence in the region".

The Malnan issue was resolved on the 15th of March with the beginning of Operation Sundown, where Pochehovan troops launched the annexation of Ograjska and Malna.


The predecessor to the Pochehovan state was known as The Kingdom of Puma and it was founded on the 23rd of July 2018 on the island of Rab on the Croatian coast. In September 2018 the Kingdom fought its first war, it was called "The God War" since the rebellious colony that declared war on Puma was called "The Republic of Godgang". The war was a kingdom victory, as the Godgang forces were defeated during the first battle of the Field. The small Kingdom of Puma didn't last long, as it briefly became a Liberal Democracy known as The Democratic Republic of Puma. The democratic republic also did not last long, as it was dissolved in what is known as the October Crisis, the new micronation that replaced it was called The Republic of Nixia. The name "nixia" was a combination of the first letter in the presidents name, and "IX" the roman numeral for 9. The Republic of Nixia was renamed to "The Socialist Republic of Nixia" a couple of days after it was founded. In late October the Second God War began as the Kingdom of Godgang was proclaimed and declared war on Nixia, the war didn't last long and was won by Nixian forces after the Second Battle of the Field which occurred on the 14th of October.

Nixia reaches out to the world and makes several allies, forming the Supreme Alliance of Socialist Micronations or SASM, which was mostly an alliance of convenience.

After the period of the God Wars, the Nixian government decided to expand by making a lot of new colonies and gaining new members. The country prospers in what is known as the first Golden age of Nixia. Then on the 13th of April 2019 the Handian Colony decides to declare independence, that begins the Eponian Revolution. A battle is fought on the Nixian side of the Eponian river, it turns out to be a stalemate so Nixia and Handia sign a peace treaty that would give Handia independence but in exchange, Handia will sign a non-aggression pact with Nixia. During the Peace Period, Handia renames into The Eponian Empire. On the 11th of May 2019 the Eponian Empire declared war on Nixia, the Second Nixo-Eponian war begins. Two battles were fought in the following days, but at the end the Nixian National Army was victorious.

A year of fragile peace passes where Nixia almost becomes inactive passes.

On the 8th of march, the Socialist Federal Republic of Nixia changes it's government and becomes an Authoritarian Oligarchy called the United Nixian Confederation. The Confederation establishes Four states which have some self government.

On the 8th of may the President of the UNC visits the Second Eponian Empire, while there, some Eponian troops attempt to capture him but they fail. After the failed attempt, the Eponians Declared war. That was the beginning of the Third Eponian War. The Nixian troops launch an attack from the Great Eponian bridge and construct some small fortifications, there was a period of firing at each others forts until the Nixian forces launched an attack on the Enemies fort. The fort was subsequently destroyed by a Nixian soldier, after that a armistice was signed.

On the 12th of May 2020 the second attack took place, the Nixian forces were defeated by the bigger Eponian force, a White Peace was signed later that day ending the Third Nixo-Eponian War. On the 17th, Nixian forces annexed the land of Mikia, incorporating it into the Confederation. This was the first time the Nixian mainland was expanded. Later the great road is annexed too, beginning the first Great Expansion period.

After a long time of communication between Eponia and Nixia, President Neo and Emperor Etien on the 28th of may agreed upon a Union of both countries, naming it the United Nixo-Eponian Confederation, which was highly unstable. Arguments happen between the Two federal states until the 16th of July, when Eponian National-Socialist forces seceded from Nixia and declared a war to create Greater Eponia.

The war remains cold, no battles are fought but Eponia gets highly destabilised, resulting in the independence of the Kingdom of Kalania, which allied with Nixia. The First Eponian Reich collapses on the third of August, peace is secured. Eponia falls into chaos, becoming a republic for a while before restoring the Nazi government.

On August 22nd, after talks with the two leaders result in another unification, the Nixo-Eponian Republic is formed, being even more unstable than the UNEC. Rigged elections are held on the 4th of September 2020, which results in the victory of the National Socialist Eponian Workers Party. The Republic is transformed into the Nixo-Eponian Reich, being led by Fuhrer Etien, having Nixia as a mere reich-state with no political power. A resistance was forming against the Eponians, the Socialist Movement of Nixia was gaining traction. Finally exactly one month later on the 4th of October, Nixia declared independence and war against the Reich, that began the Nixian Revolution and the restoration of Socialism in Nixia

As soon as the war is declared, Nixian partisan forces move to attack the Eponian mainland, hours of fighting passed and then the Eponian army hid in a fortification, which was sieged by Nixian forces, but the Eponians, exhausted, refused to come out and surrender, so the Nixians went home, pledging to return another day, Eponia was saved for now. The Great Covid inactivity happens, since both armies were stopped by Slovenian government shenanigans which banned the moving between regions.

On the 28th of November 2020, the European League of Micronations was established by the NSR, Naztrim council of Truto, and the Republic of Reon, beginning one of the most influential alliances in the sectors history.

After a heavy snowfall in the mainland, the Kingdom of Liamia is formed and declares war on Nixia, with a state called the Republic of Luxia forming a bit later, the Nixo-Luxian army is pushed deep into the Mainland, resulting in the battle of Gozdian where the Nixo-Luxian army pushed Liamians out of the mainland and soon after pushing them to their capital, the Kingdom is defeated, and now Nixia expands to annex all of former Liamia, with Luxia becoming a protectorate.

After extended talks between Eponia and Nixia, they agreed on a peace treaty on the 30th of December, where Eponia recognized Nixia as an independent country and Nixia stopping all military agression.

The socialist government begins reconstruction and major expansion in the neighbouring regions. After some Liamian threats of agression, on the 21st of march 2021, the Kingdom of Liamia again seceded from Nixia. Luxia, bound by a pact, joined the war on Nixias side,forming the coalitionary army and beginning the second Liamian war. On the 24th the battle was fought all throughout Nixia and Liamia, until Luxia suddenly joined Liamia, forming the Zorbsanian Empire, which occupied the whole of Nixia.

The Nixian government fled to the Borsian colony, and an emergency government was formed in the unoccupied Mirjam state in south Nixia. The Nixian reclamation forces were deployed to occupied Nixia on the 31st, and quickly took the entire mainland in a few hours. Zorbsania was fully annexed, now Nixia grew to encompass nearly the whole neighbourhood.

With this victory begins a period of peace between Nixia and Eponia. Nixia and the ELM are involved in some online conflicts mostly against Antrisia and even its ally Truto. The ELM grew more and more during 2021, at this time the most influential members joined such as the Enclave of Taedong (Later the Reformed People's Republic), The Stravonskan Soviet Republic, Misovia and so on.

The Great Peace heats up a bit when the Eponian government claimed a strip of land across the Eponian river, that was held by Nixia, the dispute was resolved on the 27th of may by ELM peacekeepers.

Then on the 5th of June, at 7:13 pm, the Eponian Reich declared war on Nixia, to reclaim their lost glory and to destroy the Republic, this began the June war. This time the entire ELM joined the war as one great coalition. Two days after the declaration, Nixian troops launched a grand offensive on the Eponian mainland, quickly taking their army down with their military superiority. So on the 7th of June the war ended with the Treaty of Handinople, which gave Nixia Eastern Handia and forbid Eponia from declaring war again. This victory made Nixia the ruling power of the Polskava region. On the 25th an ELM union is attempted but fails, and on the 28th Nixia Renames to Nixia-Pochehova and on the 29th to Pochehova.

After increased Eponian agression, and the raiding of the diplomatic communications server, on the 13th of September Pochehova declared war on the Third Eponian Empire, beginning the Great Eponian War (also named the Not so Great Eponian War). The First and only battle was fought on a date lost to time, but it was an Eponian victory, due to a malfunction of weapons on Pochehovas side. On the 31st of December, Eponia was de-recognised due to their childish behaviour, ending the war and making the Eponians really angry.

After the new year, Pochehova was involved in the Koncijan wars and the Stravonskan-Ebysinnian war, not doing more than just supporting them diplomatically. More external territories were ceded to Pochehova in this time by Stravonska, former Fressenburg, the Reformed People's Republic, and Pochehova gained great influence over their allies and associates.

Then on May 8th at 14:42 PM when President Neo recieved a phone call from the Eponian Emperor stating that he declares war, to finally destroy Pochehova once and for all, and to realise the Greater Eponian idea, that was the beginning of the Second Great Eponian war which is currently still ongoing, having only one battle that happened on the 15th of October 2022 when Pochehovan troops launched a surprise attack on Eponia, resulting in a limited Pochehovan victory and the signing of a week long ceasefire and reclamation of some of the ELM colonies. The war has been stalled by the Eponian Emperor since then, and has resulted in increased Pochehovan frustration.

On the 14th of March the Pochehovan government was reformed into the Pochehovan Socialist Federation, a federative system was installed and Neo declared himself as Marshall of Pochehova. The second phase of the great reformation was the annexation of Ograjska province and the Malnan Kaiserreich, incorporating both into the federation.


Pochehova is located in the northeastern region of Slovenia in the city of Maribor. It lays in a valley surrounded by hills, and can be accesed by a road that leads to Victory road which is the longest road in Pochehova.


Pochehova has for now only one political party, and that is the League of Socialists of Pochehova or Pochehovan Socialist Party for short. The Parties ideology is based off Yugoslav Titoism and conservative nationalism. The Pochehovan political stance is very Nationalistic and Conservative on many issues such as LGBT rights and Abortion, but the Government has allowed religious freedom as long as the citizens do not take it too far. One example of this freedom is the muslim majority states of Liamia and Cisia, and the many colonies which hold Orthodox and Catholic Christian minorities. There have been nations who questioned the treatment of religious, ethnic and other groups, such as the cause of the second ELM-Recanesia war, which began because the Recanesian government thought that religious and especially Muslim minorities were being mistreated in Pochehova, which is false.

Every year on June 8, there are elections in Pochehova, all of the previous elections were won by the Socialist Party, but if a new party was to be created it would possibly induce more instability.