Great Eponia War

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Great Eponia War
DateSeptember 13th - December 31st 2021
Eponian mainland, no mans land
Result Eponia Un-Recognized and disbanded

Pochehovan Socialist Republic
Democracy of Truto
Reformed People's Republic
Stravonskan Soviet Republic

People's Republic of West Latgale
(Until 27 december 2021)

Baltimore Republic
Empire of Malna
Eponian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Dawid (Last name unknown)
Youri Koeman
Etien Blažič

The Great Eponian War began on the 13th of September after a long time of high tensions between the Pochehovan Socialist Republic and the Third Eponian Empire. The war ended on the 31'st of December 2021 after the Pochehovan Government officially Un-Recognized Eponia.

The Pochehovan Socialist Republic declared war on Eponia because their government started spreading embarrassing photos of the Pochehovan President,

After the initial declaration by Pochehova, most of the ELM members also joined the war on the PSR's side.

Battle for Handinople

The battle was the first and last battle that was fought in the war.

It was fought in central and southern Eponia, and was an Eponian Victory.

The De-Recognition and later Re-Recognition of Eponia

After nearly four months of war, the government of the Pochehovan Socialist Republic decided to De-Recognize Eponia. That means that Pochehova removed all ties and recognition from the Eponian State. After the news of De-Recognition reached the Emperor of Eponia, He disbanded the Country.

But on the Sixth of March, The Holy Eponian Empire was Re-Recognized again by the ELM and Pochehova after an agreement made by the President and Emperor Etien Blažič The First.