Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War

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Eighth Eponian - Pochehovan War
Date8th May 2022 - Present
Eponian Mainland, ELM Colonies in the Eponian Region
Result Ongoing

The Socialist Republic of Pochehova.png Pochehovan Socialist Republic
Ravonia vlag.png Ravonian Empire
The Reformed People's Republic..jpg Reformed People's Republic
New kievan rustan flag.png Krusstania
Flag of Stravonska Ver 2.0.png Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Misovia flag.png Socialist Republic of Misovia
Adobe Express 20220428 1121260.857982316281948.png The Democratic Republic of Greater Snocesterlan
RanzaniaFlag3.1.jpg Kingdom of Ranzania
FlagMidnorth.png Republic of Midnorth
Flag of Stoneskerry.png Stoneskerry
PR Vestvalia flag.png Kingdom of Vestvalia
RamarianFlag.png Holy Kingdom of Ramaria
New flag of UROA.png Federal Republic of Anslavia
Recanesia flag new.png Great Emirates of Recanesia
Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin flag.jpg Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin

Supported by:
Flag of North Korea.svg Taedong Enclave
Republic of Kerkerland.jpg Republic of Kerkerland
Olovian Flag.png Republic of Olov
9af127e593cefe7f8772bf9201219e08.png Bethel Republic
Flag of Straspol SPR.jpg Straspol Socialist People's Republic
Flag of PR Alberia.jpg People's Republic of Alberia
Flag of Chernovac SR.jpg Chernovac Socialist Republic
Flag of Ebysinnian SR.jpg Ebysinnian Socialist Republic

Seewatian Flag May 1st -.png Seewatian Commune

Holy Eponian Empire Flag.png Holy Eponian Empire

Supported by:
Commonwealth of leon flag.jpg Commonwealth of Leon (until May 29, 2022)
Commanders and leaders

The Socialist Republic of Pochehova.png Neo Kukovec
Ravonia vlag.png Dawid (Last name unknown)
The Reformed People's Republic..jpg Youri Koeman
Flag of Stravonska Ver 2.0.png Samuel Hussey
RanzaniaFlag3.1.jpg Răzvan Juncu
RamarianFlag.png George vān Vökēpila
Recanesia flag new.png Abu Muhammad Al-Malayuni Al-Malizi Al-Ricanizi
Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin flag.jpg Abu Muhammad Al-Malayuni Al-Malizi Al-Ricanizi

New flag of UROA.png Strahinja (Last name unknown)
Holy Eponian Empire Flag.png Etien Blažič


The Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War, also known as Eponian-Pochehovan War, occurred on the May 8. 2022, when the Pochehovan president Neo Kukovec received an unexpected phone call from the Eponian emperor Etien Blažič, declaring war on the PSR with the intention of conquering the republic once and for all.

The president was shocked and responded with "okay".

There has been one battle for now, that resulted in the Liberation of the ELM territories conquered at the start of the war by the Eponian army.

Reactions and support on both sides

In the following days, multiple nations not even part of the ELM have joined the war on the side of Pochehova and the ELM. This is due to a unilateral hatred of Fascism and Nazism in the modern Micronational community.

On the 9th of May 2022, the Commonwealth of Leon officially declared its support towards the Holy Eponian Empire, their reasoning is that "Eponia is a liberator of communist Aggression". This action has destroyed the relations between Leon and the Allies.

On the 29th of May the Leonian Government officially suspended their support to the Holy Eponian Empire, as they got proof that Eponia was Fascist.

Peace proposal and its consequences

On the 8th of August 2022, President Neo held talks with the Eponian Emperor, the agreement was to end the war in a white peace.

The Demands were that Eponia was given all ELM colonies that It has occupied, and the Pochehovan demands were that Eponia was to sign a pact of perpetual peace, so no more wars would happen. However the agreement fell apart after the Emperor talked to his high command, who in their warmongering nature pressured him to continue the war to the end.

The consequence of this refusal was a heightening of anger of the Pochehovan people and its leader who announced that "The Eponian state must be completely dismantled, such as Germany was after the Second World war, now after the Eponians have refused our generous offer, the terms will be harsher and the punishment worse".


Battle of Handinople

Battle of Handinople
Date15th October, 2022
Eponian Mainland, ELM Colonies in the Eponian Region
Result One-Week armistice Signed, Eponian army weakened, Pochehova re-takes a bit of the invaded territories, establishing a foothold for the next attack

The Socialist Republic of Pochehova.png Pochehovan Socialist Republic
Supported by:

Flag of Stravonska Ver 2.0.png Stravonskan Soviet Republic
Olovian Flag.png Republic of Olov
Holy Eponian Empire Flag.png Holy Eponian Empire

Battle of Handinople happened on the 15th of October 2022, when a Pochehovan force launched a surprise attack at about 16.30. The Pochehovan National Army began an offensive on the Eponian bridge and quickly liberated the ELM colonial states.

The offense continued into core Eponian territory while their army was still scrambling into position, the first exchange happened in the north-eastern courtyard where a unprepared Eponian soldier opened fire on a Pochehovan Soldier, the Pochehovan fought back and pushed the Eponian away, in the next couple of minutes skirmishes continued around Handinople as the Pochehovan Army fought to capture the Emperor. Emperor Etien tried to fight the PNA with his "Eponian Special Forces" but later fled into the Imperial palace while the PNA engaged the last Eponian Troops outside.

The PNA was able to push all Eponian troops into a closed courtyard when the Emperor finally came out of the Palace to propose surrender, the PNA thinking this was real continued into the courtyard. This was a trap though, when the troops entered the courtyard, Eponians popped out and attempted to force a surrender from the Pochehovan Forces and the President who was fighting with them. During the standoff, a mediator came and suggested a one-week armistice. Emperor Etien said that the surprise attack was too powerful for the Eponian forces to defend and that they need to reconstruct. President Neo reluctantly accepted the armistice, and it was agreed on at 17:10.

April fools offensive

On the 1st of April 2023, Pochehovan armed forces launched an operation to reclaim certain occupied lands from Eponia, it was fairly small, lasting a couple of hours. During the operation, one Eponian remote controlled aircraft flew over the Pochehovan deployment, attempting to kamikaze into one of the soldiers, the army attempted to take it down but it was too far away to hit, it later crashed into a tree and fell to the ground, being retrieved by the Eponian army.

The offensive succesfully scouted out multiple positions for the coming final offensive.