European League of Micronations

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European League of Micronations
Flag of the ELM
FounderPochehovan Socialist Republic
Legal statusActive
PurposeForming an alliance between micronations both inside, and subjected to those located on the European Continent
HeadquartersDiscord, Youtube
14 Members
Official language
Pochehovan Socialist Republic
Deputy General-Secretary
Empire of Truto

The European League of Micronations, also known as the ELM, is an micronational alliance made up of European micronations and micronations located outside Europe but with territory in this continent. The alliance was founded by President Neo Kukovec of the Pochehovan Socialist Republic and currently has 14 member states from 7 different European countries, with one being located outside of the European continent but under the control of another ELM member. It has been involved in multiple wars and has a peacekeeping force referred to as "The Yellow Bands". It has also became the primary target of Seljuks in The Great Micronational War against Seljuks. On the 3rd of July, 2021, the ELM United into one nation, but after one month the union was dissolved.

Member States