Kingdom of Ranzania

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Kingdom of Ranzania
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Dies Irae

Location of Ranzania
Capital cityMesteakan
Official language(s)Romanian
Short nameRanzania
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingRăzvan Juncu
Established10th April 2022
Area claimed5.000m²
CurrencyJincon (JNC)
Time zoneEastern European Time
National sportSki/Snowboarding

Official Website

Ranzania, formally the Kingdom of Ranzania, is an East-European micronation that is landlocked inside the Romanian town of Poiana Mărului and also has an enclave in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. Ranzania is anticipated to continue to flourish as a result of its expanding population, growing traditions, and ever-changing administration.

Due to constant pressure from micronations all around the region and the overall difficult terrain, the Kingdom of Ranzania developed a fierce air force relying on a wide variety of missiles and UAVs. This situation influenced the anthem choice and the mindset of troops and civilians and, for the first time ever, gave everyone a feeling of patriotism.


Ranzania is derived from the name of the micronation's founder and monarch, Răzvan Juncu, as well as Transylvania, the area in which it is located.

Flag's Etymology

"The gloomy sky that gave us our dreams is represented by black. You gave us the ability to be creative. It gave us hope."

"The colour yellow is associated with wealth. For the one who allows us to live our lives as we do now. For the sake of the crops and the wildness. And we owe our existence to the sun."

Both working together in unison, as all people should.


Răzvan Juncu, currently known as the King and only ruler of Ranzania, founded the country on April 10, 2022. Citizenship applications were started on April 11, the same year, barely one day after the micronation was founded, and anybody may join. On that particular day, a number of formal documents were signed.

On April 15 the owned territory increased 5 times its original size. It also signed it's first alliance with the Republic of Bayland.

On May 4, Ranzania joined the CTO organization and proposed to become their main provider of tactical aerial armament.

Air Force

Ranzania possesses the most powerful armaments, and its Air Force is critical as an autonomous micronation surrounded by forest and challenging terrain.

Air Force Equipment

  • R-20 Interceptor airplane (1,5m)
  • R-21 Surveillance autonomous quadcopter drone
  • VS Missile
  • MS Missile
  • Seek And Destroy equipment

Ranzanian Holidays

Date Name Notes
January 1 New year's day The day in which we greed the new year.
March 20 International happiness day Celebrations include all kind of joyful activities.
April 1 April fools The celebration of jokes and fun.
April 10 Ranzanian day The day Ranzania became independent.
April 17 Ranzanian Root Celebration of history and nature of the Ranzanian region.
June 1 Children's day The day in which kids are celebrated.
September 21 International Day of Peace Day of peace and friendship.
December 1 Bertern Celebration of prosperity and military power.
December 25 Christmas Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ


The Kingdom of Ranzania is located in the deep forests of Poiana Mărului, in a slight slope. At the highest point (1110m), where Mesteakan is located, there is flat ground, spanning around 500 m, where the vegetation is less present.

Image taken from Ranzanian soil.


The fauna of Ranzania is specific to Central-Eastern-Europe, consisting in various commonly-known wild animals, as well as less known species. Some examples are:

  • Brown bear
  • Red fox
  • Grey Wolf
  • Eurasian lynx
  • Hedgehog
  • Hoopoe
  • Woodpecker


The flora of Ranzania can be found in the dark forests on the wide fields.

  • Birch
  • European Beech
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Yellow mountain poppy