Democratic Republic of Greater Snocesterlan

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The Democratic Republic of Greater Snocesterlan
Motto: Unus Omnis
Anthem: "Jōça Enjun"
CapitalSnocest, Snocesterlan
Other languagesEnglish (US)
Demonym(s)Snocesteran, Snocesterlançoç
GovernmentConstitutional Quadocrocy
• President
Lida Bel Pouwa
CurrencySnocesterlançoç dollar ($) (SD)
Time zoneMST
• Summer (DST)
Driving sideright

The Democratic Republic of Greater Snocesterlan is a self-declared micronation in Colorado in the United States. The nation was founded by President Lida Bel Pouwa on February 17th, 2022. The nation spans over 5 acres and has semi-mountainous, forest terrain. The armed forces of Snocesterlan, named the Grand Freedom Army, contains 6 active-duty soldiers and 3 soldiers in reserves. The Air Force, named the Grand Freedom Air Force, consists of 1 drone. The mobile forces of Snocesterlan named the Grand Freedom Mobile Vehicles, have 1 armed all-terrain vehicle. The nation has been in 5 wars, The Snocesterlan Revolution, The Justice War, and The Embassy War, and the First and Second Ampton Rebellions. The nation was involved in the Eighth Eponian-Pochehovan War. The nation is run by a new form of government called a constitutional quadocracy. The nation is run by 4 powerful leaders who have balanced power. The Constitution of The Democratic Republic of Greater Snocesterlan contains 9 articles and 12 amendments. The nation is in a strong alliance with The Progressive Republic of New Katy and is also a founding member of the Conquistadors Treaty Organisation. For further information, please contact President Lida Bel Pouwa through his discord account, legs#2524.