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Stoneskerry Soviet Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Solidarity Forever
File:Mohawk Valley, United States
CapitalStoneskerry, NY
Largest citySyracuse, NY
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
GovernmentSoviet Democracy
• Deputy Chair of the Structural Committee
David, OLS
• Chair of the Structural Committee
LegislatureStructural Committee
• (as of 2022 census) census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (All Year)

The Stoneskerry Soviet Republic, generally known as Stoneskerry, is a micronation in New York's Mohawk Valley region, which seeks to simulate a form of soviet democracy, by implementing committee based control of legislative and executive functions.

Three committees act out the executive and legislative functions of the nation's government: the Economic Committee, which directs the monetary, industrial, and agricultural policy of the nation, the Diplomatic Committee, which determines the nations foreign policy, and the Magisterial Committee, which serves to develop and survey the territories and heartland of Stoneskerry.

Stoneskerry has a positive outlook on the micronational movement, and sees cooperation with fellow micronations as the way to fulfill it's desires to grow in population and development; her policies of universal informal recognitions and open citizenship are reflections of this aim.


Stoneskerry, which is derived from the Scottish English word skerry (meaning small rocky island), is named for the capital city, which rests on a skerry in Oneida County, New York.


Stoneskerry was first established as Albarra in December 2021, a nation that existed for several months as a monarchy. On 4 May 2022, Jikona, Viceroy of Albarra, was banished, and a soviet democracy declared. Linnaeus was named the Chair of the Structural Committee, which was tasked to rebuild a legacy and identity for the nation. On 12 May, the Structural Committee voted to reform itself as a Politburo, ending the period of provisional government. Linnaeus was named Chairman of the SCP and the nation, and state power was centralized.

Politics and government

The Structural Committee serves as a supreme soviet, defining the laws and policies of the nation and having final say on matters of state. Below it, the Diplomatic, Economic, and Magisterial Committees are granted powers to make more specific decisions under the "guidance and advice" of the Structural Committee. At this time, the Communist Party in Stoneskerry holds all four seats in the Structural Committee, but the Party of Skerry Communists (Maoist) has developed as an alternative, while still sharing a similar party program. In this matter, Stoneskerry can be considered similar to the People's Republic of China.


Stoneskerry possesses a policy of universal informal recognition; it sees all micronations as being legitimate in their own right. However, to attain formal recognition, a nation must be moving towards "principled socialism" and have an actively engaged population.

On 8 May 2022, the Stravonskan Soviet Republic and Stoneskerry entered into an official friendship agreement, which includes a clause to support cordial relations between the two states, and a second, which formally declared that Stoneskerry would contribute actively to the mission to defend and preserve socialism in the micronationalist world.

Law and order

The Structural Committee, in it's decision to ban Jikona, set the precedent that matters of law and order are decided first and foremost by its ranks. However, the Magisterial Committee is granted the ability to solve disputes within the nation by means up to and not including force, which may imply judicial capacities that have gone largely untested.


The Stoneskerry military is headed by FM Benji, and all citizens are called to serve when necessary. During Operation Lasagna Saturday, the reputation of a citizen's Garfield parody account was defended. The Order of Lasagna Saturday was formed to commemorate their victory in the operation, and is the highest honor of the nation.

Geography and climate

Located in the Mohawk Valley region in North America, Stoneskerry is comprised largely of lowlands, broken up by winding peaks and hills. As a nation in the Northern Hemisphere and temperate zone, the months of December through March generally feature freezing temperatures and heavy snow accumulation. April, May, and June have a slow, gradual increase of temperature and regular rain, which is followed by a sunnier period until August. September through November are marked by a slow descent into freezing rains and temperatures.

Culture and media

A long history of settlement of immigrants to the United States has made Stoneskerry the micronation with perhaps the most culturally rich claimed territory; Stoneskerry is home to a number of regional dishes, including Utica greens and chicken riggies; and Italian, Polish, Bosnian, German, and Dutch cultural inroads still remain, and provide a charm that is unique within the anglosphere. All of Stoneskerry's citizens come from varied backgrounds, and the nation's Basic Law affirms an actively anti-discrimination stance. Stoneskerry is LGBTQ positive.

The media arm of the Diplomatic Committee is the Stoneskerry Enquirer, which publishes the official releases of the Structural Committee and reports national developments.

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