Second Antrisia(Recanesia) War

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Second Antrisia (Recanesia) War
DateMay 22nd 2021 - May 23rd 2021
Result Nothing
ELM new flag.png European League of Micronations (ELM)
Taedong....jpg Taedong Enclave (until 23 May, 2021)
Nixia....jpg Nixian Socialist Republic (until 22 May, 2021)
Nixia (Borsistria) 2.jpg Nixian Colony of Boristria
Nixia (Saarland).png Nixian Colony of Saarland
Kingdom of Nueva Esocia2.jpg Empire of Nueva Esocia (until 22 May, 2022)

Recanesia2.jpg Socialist Republic of Recanesia
New flag Redshanks Republic2.jpg Redshanks Republic
Imperio Neorense.jpg Imperio Neorense
Reon.jpg Republic of Reon

Flag of Greenland.svg Democratic Socialist Empire of East Greenland
Commanders and leaders
Taedong2.jpg Enclave Leader Youri Koeman
Nixia2.jpg President Neo Kukovec
Kingdom of Nueva Esocia3.jpg His Imperial Majesty Niall (Last name unknown)

Truto2.jpg Diplomat Dawid (Last name unknown)
Recanesia3.jpg President Muhammad

Flag of Greenland.svg M. Bison

The Second Antrisia War is a military conflict between multiple micronations. It is a war between the Taedong enclave, the Nixian Socialist Republic, it's colonies and the Empire of Nueva Esocia on the first hand and the Empire of Truto, the Socialist Republic of Recanesia, the Redshanks Republic Imperio Neorense and the Republic of Reon on the other side. The war started on 22-5-2021 and ended a few hours later.


The start of the war was due to the Trutian diplomat revealing he was being forced by the government to fake some parts of Truto. Nixia took this the wrong way and thought they were saying Truto doesn't exist. Recanesia upon finding this declared war on Nixia.


After the declaration of war being uploaded to the Recanesia YouTube channel, Reon, The Democratic Socialist Empire of East Greenland and Imperio Neorense declared war on Nixia too. Soon later Taedong and Nueva Esocia declared war on Recanesia. Eponia would later declare neutrality.


On May 22 at 11 o clock British time within that hour Taedong and Nixia pulled out no longer trusting Redshanks Reon or Truto. Nueva Esocia pulled out not recognising Redshanks but hoping to bring back ties with Truto and cutting off Recanesia. On May 23, Taedong announced it will withdraw drom the war. This in response to a video uploaded by Nixia stating this war is roleplay.The Diplomat of Truto stated he wants to re establish good relations with the ELM due to the fact he originally had no intention of causing conflict

The ELM has tried to forget the fact the war ended due to it being a dumb conflict