Enclave Leader of Taedong

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Enclave Leader of the
Taedong Enclave
Flag of North Korea.svg
Official Standard
Youri Koeman
Term lengthTill death
Inaugural holderYouri Koeman
Formation29 April 2019

The Enclave Leader of Taedong is the highest person within the Taedong Enclave. He has a mayoral role and is thus the one who is in charge and makes the rules. Its duties consist of maintaining the enclave, feeding the residents and keeping Taedong financially healthy. He is also the one who (thanks to Taedong's semi micronational status) maintains relationships / contacts with micronations over the whole world. The Enclave Leader must be male at all times, related to the current Leader, and at least 18 years old at the time of confirmation. He is responsible for his (possible) successor and must also prepare him himself for mayor.

Enclave Leaders of Taedong

Enclave Leader Portrait Tenure Political affiliation
(at time of appointment)
Took office Left office
1 Youri Koeman

Official Portrait of Youri Koeman--.jpg

29 April 2019 Enclave Leader till death Workers' Party of Korea


To become Enclave Leader the following requirements must be met:

- The person in question must be male at all times. This is because women are not allowed to rank higher than their male counterparts.

- The person in question must be at least 18 years old at the time of swearing in. At this age, enough has been proven that the person has life experience and thus knows what he is doing.

- The person in question must have a clear knowledge of the DPRK. This is because through the role of Enclave Leader you are indirectly connected to the country.

- The person in question must be related to Youri Koeman, the first Enclave Leader and founder of Taedong. He doesn't always have to be first-degree relatives. Cousins, uncles and distant relatives can also become Enclave Leader. This will only be the case if the current Enclave Leader doesn't have a son of when his son will not be able to fulfill this task.

- The person in question must have sworn his eternal allegiance to the Leaders of the DPRK and the Workers' Party of Korea. This is because you must be sure that you are willing to follow the Leaders and that you are not influenced by foreign powers.

- The person in question must not have been born or raised in the United States, Japan or South Korea. These are the 3 biggest enemies of the DPRK. Appointing an Enclave Leader who has resided in 1 of these countries is seen as betrayal towards the Leaders and an insult to the country.