Federated Republic of Koncje

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Federated Republic of Koncje 31/10/2021 - 23/6/2022
Flag of Federated Republic of Koncje
Coat of arms of Federated Republic of Koncje
Coat of arms
Motto: "Vivacen v vuker ž Konic'skaja i v vuker jekonaaciije!"/"Long Live the workers of Koncje and the workers abroad!"
Anthem: Vivacen Konicskaja/Long Live Koncje
and largest city
Official languagesKoncjan, English, German
GovernmentDemocratic Socialist
• President
Juskaw Kunawca-Nelezkij
• Prime Minister
Alweja Gradzinja
LegislatureKoncjan Legislature
The People's Elite
The People's Government
Establishment31 October 2021, Originally 15 April 2021 (Zalansk)
• Census
CurrencyKoncjan Kunzaaj
Time zoneKNST
Preceded by
[[Confederation of Kritstag and Hammold/Oldstag (2021)]]
[[Fressenburg Socialist Republic]]

On the 15th of April 2021, the Republic of Zalansk came to be. This state didn’t last long though, it fell apart due its leader being extremely corrupt and putting one of his top people in political prison. This enraged the people even more and this cause the Kritstag I Hammold Revolution where the people eventually over threw the government. This caused victory for the Socialists, Communists and the Labourists. The Previous Dictator of Zalansk was thrown into prison, but eventually released.

States of Koncje

  • South Novyystock
  • Fussan
  • Jerusia-Fussan
  • Klaaweenburg-Hezenburg
  • North Slovenijk
  • Jupublek
  • North Hejpols
  • Kerlawce
  • Kerlinn
  • Szczwajna
  • Bejszcztu
  • Poceem
  • Stejburg
  • Nesiliaa
  • Kurneliaa
  • Sesawino
  • Kernje
  • Gdercee
  • Wazak
  • Mjecu
  • Brassnji
  • Köningbrid

All territories in and outside the Koncje-Zalansk Region

Shows all states in Koncje

All wars and conflicts

A flag used during the Koncje Revolution (19/5/2021-28/5/2021)