Fressenburg Socialist Republic

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The Union of Fressen is a micronation located in Northern England that was created after Koncje was disolved after a change of identity when moving places. Fressenburg has 4 states and 2 autonomous cities

withthem being located near to a river.

Union of Fressen

National flag

National emblem
Coat of arms
Motto: "Žovuc, naçensta ma vukär!"/"Forwads, nation of workers!"
Anthem: Vyvaçen de vukär/Long Live the workers
and largest city
Official languagesFressen, English, German
GovernmentDemocratic Socialist
• President
Juskaw Kunawca-Nelezkij
• Prime Minister
Alweja Gradzinja
LegislatureFressen Legislature
The People's Elite
The People's Government
Establishment23rd of June, 31st October (Koncje), Originally 15 April 2021 (Zalansk)
• Census
CurrencyFressen Fesnak
Time zoneFNST
Preceded by
[[Federated Republic of Koncje]]

States of Fressenburg

  • Staalmec
  • Dzaginja
  • Zovuun
  • Nuu Konic'skaja
  • Kavburg
  • Vjálaman

Dissolution and Reunifacation

On the 10th of August 2022, President Juskaw Kunwaca Nelezkij announced that due to a decline in interest, he will dissolve the Fressen state, and leave micronationalism.

This announcement was met with shock and sadness by the community in the Intermicronational Discord server, and by the European League of Micronations which Fressenburg was a long trusted member of.

The Nation was revived on the 26th of August 2022 due to pressure by the other micronations wanting the famous Fressenburg back and the leader himself. He decided since the states still existed, to unify them and rename the nation to the Union of Fressen.