Ernish Union

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Ernish Union

2019 — July 19th, 2020

Ernish Union flag.png Ernish Flag (2018 - November 9th, 2019)Ernishflagthatwasusedforlike2seconds.PNG Ernish Flag (November 9th, 2019 - July 19th, 2020)

"Science Is The Way Forward!"
The Internationale
Capital cityNew Dublin
Largest cityNew Dublin
Official language(s)English, Irish
Official religion(s)State Atheism
Short nameErnland
GovernmentSocialist Republic
- PresidentEverett inaffiga

The Ernish Union was a communist micronation led by Ro that formed during the North Divine War.


It is unknown where the name "Ernland" comes from.


Ernland was formed in 2019 by Ro as a socialist republic seeking to achieve communism. Shortly after formation Ernland participated in the North Divine War, declaring war on North Divine.

Ernish-Mountain States War

Two days after the conclusion of the North Divine War, Ernland declared war on Union of Mountain States as apart of an "anti-fascist crusade." This declaration of war began the Ernish-Mountain States War, in which Ernland lost to Mountain States. During the war Ernland began to invite other micronations to the Ernish Union, attempting to replicate the USSR. The Hood Republic then joined the union[1], and immediately political turmoil within the union began.[2] After being denied elections within the union, the Hood Republic rebelled against Ernland and this caused the Hood Civil War.[3] During this time Ernland would also found the United Micronations of Earth, an inter-micronational organization that never took off the ground. It may also of been intended to be a counterweight to the Vanguard League, which was at war with Ernland at the time.

Craldonian-Kelvaria War

Ernland participated in the Craldonian-Kelvaria War by assisting the Republic of Craldonia, which at the time was an ally of Ernland. The Ernish Union failed to achieve it's goals in this war, and as a result reformed into a democratic socialist state on November 9th.

2nd Great Delphian War

Ernland declared war on the Fascist Seldavia Reich on November 30th, 2019.[4] Ernland would do little to participate in this war.

Inactivity and Formation of the Democratic-Socialist Empire of Ernland

After the last official update from Ernland on November 30th 2019, there was a 232 day period of inactivity from the Ernland youtube channel. Ernland would not make a video until July 19th, 2020.[5] Ernland then became The Democratic-Socialist Empire of Ernland.