North Divine

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People's Republic of North Divine

November 2018 — August 2019 

North Divine.png
Coat of Arms

Fight for the motherland
Minnesota, United States
Capital cityLearton
Short nameNorth Divine
DemonymNorth Diviner
GovernmentTotalitarian dictatorship
- Head of StateEric (Last name unknown)
Established6 November 2018

People's Republic of North Divine or just North Divine was a micronation founded after First Minnesota War of which the Delphian Union guaranteed the independence of North Divine. Not long after the conflict North Divine became a puppet state of the Delphian Union and was apart of the Communist Mutual Defense Assistance Pact. On 28 February 2019, the Delphian Union had dissolved leaving North Divine fully independent. Relations with micronations surrounding North Divine including the Federal States of Delphia, South Divine, and many others were very poor. On 10 July, North Divine made an official declaration of war on numerous micronations that had land clamins mainly bordering Delphia.