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United Micronations of Earth(UME)

the UME is a very new micronational organisation deeply inspired by the united nations the logo of the UME https://ibb.co/mtk7TRS

below: constitution of the UME

Article 1: The Right to freedom All citizens of the united micronations of earth must allow freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to have your own opinions, this law does not go for violent revolutions and other things of the sort. Article 2: The resolution of conflicts If two micronations in the united micronations of earth are in a conflict like a war or territorial dispute the united micronations of earth council of leaders will hold an assembly and they will create a fair treaty that will favor the side that is going by the UME constitution. If both sides are not violating the rules the treaty will favor both sides and come to an agreement such as if to sides had a territorial dispute and they were not violating the constitution then the territory will be split between the two sides. But if the disputed territory belongs to one side and the other has invaded it then the treaty will be in favor of the peace full micronation and if the offending microntion does not sign the document they will get kicked out of the UME and the UME will embargo them meaning that any UME member states cannot trade with them. Article 3: Policies on ideological wars If you are a member of the UME you are not suggested to start an ideology war such as the ernland war because it is now considered wrong even by Ernland and if one is started by a UME member state than there nation will either have to leave the UME and get embargoed by the UME or will have to end there war and sign a treaty that the general assembly will most likely make in the victim nation's favor. As an example if The people's imperial republic of ernland (now the ernish union) had declared war on UOMS (union of mountain states) when the UME existed and both ernland and union of mountain states where members than ernland would have had to either leave the UME or sign a treaty in UOMS’ favor. Article 4: policies on human rights A human cannot be enslaved at all for no reason at all although criminals(not POW) may be put to work in factories of any kind and mines. If a criminal is put to work in mines they must be given helmets, cap lamps for helmets, goggles, gas masks, ear muffs, gloves, shoes and appropriate clothing. A human cannot be experimented on in any way that may be harmful against their will. Article 5: Requirements to join .To join the UME a micronation must have law enforsment to make sure that international crimes aren't committed (murder etc.) .To join a micronation must have a representative that is in office for over a year and is willing to cooperate with other UME leaders .To join a nation must be in no current conflicts that the nation that wants to join started

https://discord.gg/KWp2Tu : discord