Workers Republic of Onontakeka

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Workers Republic of Onontakeka
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Anthem: I Vow To Thee, My Country
Map of Countries Onontakeka has land claims in.
Map of Countries Onontakeka has land claims in.
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
• Chancellor
Ronald McGregor
CurrencyUS Dollar
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Workers Republic of Onontakeka is a micronation that is located in Liverpool, New York and St. Petersburg, Russia, which was founded on 18 June 2018 by Robert Williams IV who also serves as the Chancellor of Onontakeka. The nation's total land size is about 112 acres and its capital is Williamsburg. There are two other districts in Onontakeka, Worgrad, which is located in Russia, and Diowa in Munich. Onontakeka also has numerous settlements in the UK, Canada, and Alaska. Onontakeka currently has 223 citizen as of 2020.


The name "Onontakeka" is the Onondaga spelling of the name of the Onondaga people.


The government system is considered to be a Republic, with the head of state and government being the Chancellor. The federal government is made up of the senate, which consists of five senators elected from all over the country. The Chancellor is a senator elected by the other senators, his job is to lead the senate. The other branch of the Onontakekan federal government is the National Court of Onontakeka. The Court has three federal judges and is used to decide cases undetermined by lower courts and to check the power of the senate. The judges are appointed by the senate at the start of the new senates' administration. Elections for the senate are the first of July every even year. Each district in Onontakeka has its own district government. The district is lead by a governor, the governor polices the laws and executes bills into laws. Governors are elected the same day as the senate. Each district elects 3 senators to the district senate, their job is to create the laws. Senators are elected every July first. Finally, each district has a local court with a singular judge appointed by the senate. The court's job is to pursue judicial action in the district. The judge is appointed at the start of each senate administration.

Political Parties

There are two main party's in Onontakeka, the Labor party, and the Progressive Party. Currently, the Labor party has 82 members, while the Progressive Party has 69 members. The Labor Party is lead by Chancellor Robert Williams IV, while the Progressive Party is lead by Senator Ronald McGregor. Currently, Williamsburg and Diowa have Labor party lead governments, while Worgrad has a Progressive lead government.


The Onontakekan military currently consists of 27 soldiers and 8 sailors. The standard issue for the military if the Ruger EC9s, although most soldiers do not carry. The Navy consists of three vessels, the OV Robert Williams, the OV Roosevelt, and the OV Hiawatha. The ships are a Kayak, a fishing boat, and a rowboat in that order. The Hiawatha and the Robert Williams both carry AR-15's during deployment.

Foreign relations

States Recognized by Onontakeka

  • All UN Member States
  • All Micronational Assembly Member States
  • The Antarian Empire
  • The Commonwealth of Dracul
  • Kingdom of Dorset
  • Kingdom of Polizia

States Formerly recognized by Onontakeka

Civil War

The only true war in Onontakekan history was the Onontakekan Civil War. The Civil War was a week-long conflict that divided the nation into pro and anti Saspearian forces. Over 80 soldiers took part in the war in late August 2019. Soldiers slept with their guns and their brothers fighting to either support or make hostility towards Saspearian. The war had an 8 percent hospitalized rate and in the end, the anti-Saspearian forces won. The war is the bloodiest Onontakeka has endured with almost 60% of soldiers facing short term illness and short-term injury and 8% facing long-term injury during the war.

Post Robert Williams

After the departure of Robert Williams in early 2020, the nation saw great decline as around 200 citizens left the nation. Independence movements starting in Worgrad in April 2020, and Diowa joining Worgrad within hours. Worgrad and Diowa merged to form the Worwa Confederacy. Many citizens in Williamsburg would leave to join Robert in the Republic of Williamsburg, now known as the Tsardom of Norcross. Currently, there are 23 citizens left in the nation led by Ronald McGregor and the progressives. All citizens left were former members of the progressive party.

National holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day 1 January The first day of the Gregorian year.
Senators Day 14 March Celebration of the Senate
Chancellor Day 16 April Celebrates the Chancellors throughout Onontakekas' history.
Independence Day 18 June Celebrating the independence of Onontakeka
Memorial Day 25 August Commemorates all who served in the Onontakekan military, also the anniversary of the end of the Onontakekan civil war.
Native's Day Second Monday in October REmembers the Native Americans Native to where Onontakeka stands
Christmas Day (Western Christian Rites) 25 December Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Onontakekan Baseball League

The Onontakekan baseball league is compromised of four teams, the Onontakekan Nationals, the Williamsburg Bluebirds, the Worgrad Maples, and the Diowa Lakers. The season lasts from the first Saturday in July and runs 10 weeks. The two best teams will face in the Onontakekan Championship. Games are every Saturday unless there is rain, then the game will be rescheduled. The field used for the baseball league is located near Williamsburg. The 2018 Champions were the Worgrd Maples, who beat the Diowa Lakers. The 2019 champions were the Williamsburg Blue Birds who defeated the Worgrad Maples. There was no 2020 season due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Local Business

There are numerous local businesses located within the lands of Onontakeka. First, there is the Williamsburg tavern, located in Williamsburg, Onontakeka. The tavern serves as the main meeting place for citizens of Onontakeka. The tavern is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 5 pm to 11 pm. The tavern serves numerous soft drinks, burgers, fries, pizza, and chicken wings. Every Saturday night is poker night at the tavern and the first Friday of the month is karaoke night, we encourage all visitors to stop into the tavern at least once during their visit. Next, the Onontakekan insurance company is a state-run insurance agency that helps cover some costs for healthcare. All citizens who apply are granted access to our healthcare. The Church of St. Paul is a Catholic Church located in Williamsburg that has services every Sunday at 11 am local time. The final local business in Onontakeka is Smith's tackle shop located a half-hour from Williamsburg. The shop sells all your fishing needs and provides fishing licenses' to all who need it.