Prime Minister of Saspearian

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Prime Minister of Saspearian

since 30 January 2024
Term length2 years
Inaugural holderRory Leonard
Formation21 January 2021
SuccessionElected by nomination in Parliament.

The Prime Minister of Saspearian is the Head of Government in Saspearian who serves as the speaker of the Saspearian Parliament.

Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name Term of office Political affiliation
1 Rory Leonard 30 January 2021 30 June 2021 Saspearian National Party
Rory Leonard served as the first Prime Minister of Saspearian. Overseeing, a period of high activity and some decline in activity within Saspearian.
2 Kasra 4 July 2021 29 January 2023 Saspearian National Party
Kasra served as the second Prime Minister of Saspearian.