Saspearian Broadcasting Company

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SBC News
Owner(s)Saspearian Broadcasting Company
Founder(s)Emperor Anthony I
Founded1 October 2017
HeadquartersUnueco, Saspearian
WebsiteSaspearian Broadcasting Company

The Saspearian Broadcasting Company also known by its initials SBC, is a primarily news-orientated media outlet that was founded on 1 October 2017 by its current CEO, Emperor Anthony I that is headquartered in Unueco, Saspearian, which mainly operates in Saspearian, predating Saspearian's establishment. SBC is best known for its main organ, SBC News, which is a Newspaper in the English language that covers national, intermicronational, and macronational news in various topics, including politics, developments, foreign affairs, and weather. The circulation of the SBC News online newspaper varies.


  • Emperor Anthony I - CEO & Editor-in-Chief


SBC was founded on 1 October 2017 by Anthony I, and around this time, SBC News started producing a weekly edition newspaper on Sundays that was written on paper from 1 October 2017 through 29 December 2019. A wide range of topics would be covered, such as events in Saspearian, other micronations, worldwide news, and the local weather. In total, there were around 117 editions written. Most of these newspapers have only one copy in existence.

On 5 January 2020, SBC News launched its online newspaper website and published its first newspaper in a digital format. Since then, articles have been published on a different basis in contrast to having a newspaper published weekly.