Anthony Scale

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The Anthony Scale is a categorical classification of micronational and macronational entities alike which was originally developed by Anthony I on 12 November 2020.


  • Grade 0 Nation - A nation that doesn't have any physical territorial presence and often exists solely through mediums such as the internet, all aspects are non-existent.
  • Grade 1 Nation - Micronation that isn't recognized by any countries, has a physical territorial presence, all aspects are existent and the country doesn't intend to secede. These nations are often political simulations, projects, and made for fun.
  • Grade 2 Nation - Micronation that isn't recognized by any country but consists of physical land claims, every aspect of this country exists and has an intention to become a Macronation.
  • Grade 3 Nation - Macronation which is partially recognized on the global stage.
  • Grade 4 Nation - Macronation that is recognized by all countries.