MA Council Election of July 2020

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The MA Council Election of July 2020 was an election for the Fifth Council of the Micronational Assembly. Candidacy opened on 2 June 2020 and ended sometime during the second week of July, in total there were 8 candidates that were on the ballot. The voting for the election started on 30 July 2020 and ended later that same day in Eastern Standard Time (EST). This election saw certain records such as the lowest amount of voters in an MA Council Election and Saspearian became the candidate with the most votes to lose an MA Council Election.

Bold indicates victory.

Candidate Home State Votes
Tsar Stefan I Great Lawl Reich 20 (90.9%)
Jacob Deceuninck Natlin 19 (86.4%)
King Asher I Herzetia 6 (27.3%)
Unknown Wuzstria 2 (9.1%)
Isaac J. White Tueoedeth 14 (63.6%)
Randy Balsé Pacifica 13 (59.1%)
Emperor Anthony I Saspearian 9 (40.9%)
Hunt Powell Faltree 17 (77.3%)