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Foreign relations of Saspearian refers to the state of Saspearian's foreign relations concerning, micronations, organisations, macronations, and foreign policy.

Since the nation's foundation, Saspearian is considered to be a neutral nation with non-interventionism in micronational conflicts unless a nation poses a threat to Saspearian under the doctrine of Emperor Anthony I and is rarely involved in wars. Saspearian recognizes all UN Member and Observer States and Taiwan as Countries. Saspearian is involved in multiple micronational organisations including the Grand Unified Micronational, the Cupertino Alliance, and the Micronational Assembly. Additionally, Saspearian was formerly a part of the now-defunct Google+ Sector, today the nation is now a part of various micronational spheres, most notably the MicroWiki Sector and Discord Sector.

Diplomatic policy

Before a diplomatic policy was enforced, Saspearian was most willing to enter diplomatic relations with a nation that has enforcement over land claims, isn't fictional, and doesn't violate human rights. Today, Saspearian has a policy in place for diplomatic relations.

  • The Micronation has existed for 6 months or is very developed, with a MicroWiki page or a website proving its development.
  • Enforcement over land claims.
  • Ratification of the Wrythe Convention or Edgstabon Convention (Recommended).
  • No violation of human rights.

Current micronational relations

Saspearian has established formal diplomatic relations with other micronations, it's estimated that approximately 15+ nations are formally and mutually recognized as of 28 March 2021. While also having informal relations with various other micronations since its early days in 2017.

Micronation Date of Relations Status of Relations
Flag of Gradonia.svg Kingdom of Gradonia 2018 Informal
Driez Flakt feåm 2018.png Drietsland 2019?[a] Informal
Flag of Naveria.svg Commonwealth of Naveria 28 April 2020 Formal
Misberia Flag.png Misberia August 2020 Formal[1]
Leonsle2.png Grand Duchy of Liangsi 13 August 2020 Formal[2]
Commonweath of dracul2.png Commonwealth of Dracul October 2020 Formal[3]
AendereseFlag.png Fifth Aenderian Republic 9 November 2020 Formal[4]
Yu-Xia Republic New Flag.png Republic of Yu-Xia 29 December 2020 Formal[5]
Flag of Posaf.svg Principality of Posaf 30 December 2020 Formal[6]
Aenopia flag.svg Empire of Aenopia 30 December 2020 Formal[7]
Flag of Australis.svg Unified Royal States of Australis 11 January 2021 Formal[8]
Flag of Aswington.png Republic of Aswington 31 January 2021 Formal
Flag of Vishwamitra.svg State of Vishwamitra 18 February 2021 Formal[9]
Civil Flag of Imperium Aquilae.png Imperium Aquilae 28 February 2021 Formal[10]
Flag of the Rednecks Republic (2020).svg Rednecks Republic 1 March 2021 Formal[11]
Northwood-oregon (2).svg Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon 2 March 2021 Formal[12]
Imperial Flag of Imvrassia.jpg Empire of Imvrassia 2 March 2021 Formal
Flag of GSMLL.svg Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land 22 March 2021 Formal
Flag of Snagov.svg Snagovian Federal Republic 3 May 2021 Formal
Flag of Oskonia.svg Kingdom of Oskonia 6 June 2021 Formal
Star Hill Flag No 2.png United Territories of Star Hill 16 June 2021 Formal
Flag v2.png Free Nation of New Athens 22 June 2021 Formal
Flag of Kingdom of Queensland (New 2021).svg Kingdom of Queensland 29 June 2021 Formal
Flag of Egeria official 1.png Archduchy of Egeria 26 July 2021 Formal
Herzetia.png State of Herzetia 1 August 2021 Formal

Defunct Relations

Micronation Date of Relations
Faltree2021.png Faltree 16 July 2021 - August 2021


Nations that Saspearian recognizes as a country (macronation)

  • All UN Member and Observer States
  • Taiwan


Organisations that Saspearian is involved in.

Organisation Membership Admittance
Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational.svg Grand Unified Micronational Full Member 11 August 2019
MAFLAG2020.png Micronational Assembly Member State 24 February 2020[b]
Cupertinologo2.svg Cupertino Alliance Member State 20 August 2020
The MOF Logo.png Micronational Olympic Federation Member State December 2020


  • Wrythe Convention - In December 2020, Anthony I, the Emperor of Saspearian, signed the Wrythe Convention, making Saspearian one of the many subsequent signatories of the document.


  1. Presumed to have begun during 2019.
  2. Initially admitted in 2017, banned from the MA multiple times throughout 2018-2020, also banned for two brief times in August and November 2020.