2020 Conservative Party of Baustralia leadership election

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2020 Conservative leadership election

4–5 April 2020 2023 →
Candidate Lord John Timpson Sir Aidan McGrath Nick Sullivan
Members' vote 8 (47%) 0 (0%) 9 (53%)

Previous Leader

Lord John Timpson


Nick Sullivan

On the morning of 4 April 2020, a Conservative Party leadership election was tabled in the House of Commons of Baustralia to all Conservative Party members. By the dismissal of the House, the second Leader of the Conservative Party was supposed to be elected, but was extended a day due to a tie in the House of Commons. Conservative Lords were asked to vote, except those related to a candidate.

The motion was commenced by Aidan McGrath, the Secretary of State for the Secret Service, for similar reasons to the 2019 vote of no confidence in the Timpson ministry, that the issues he addressed then are still not being fixed.

On 5 April 2020, after the House of Lord's vote, Timpson and Sullivan were tied 7-7, with McGrath at 2 votes. So, McGrath was dropped as a candidate, and his supporters will vote for their next preferred candidate. He and his supporter chose Sullivan and Timpson, causing another tie. Around the same time, the Viscount Parker asked for a seat in Parliament, chose Conservative and was asked to vote. He chose Sullivan, causing him to win the election by one vote.

Speeches, policies, and votes

John Timpson[1] Aidan McGrath[2] Nick Sullivan[3]
I, John Timpson, should continue to be Leader of the Conservative Party, although I have not used my position as fruitful as it has been designated to operate, this is due to the other things in life that are quite often more important to look after than the nation. This nation is made up of quite wonderful people too many to name, but I am sure that you would all agree that the nation does have to take a backseat when compared to things like education. I have found that I have not had time throughout the normal school year to fulfil my mandated responsibilities, However, there has been a change in how this school year is set to run which would provide the opportunity to take more action, it is for this reason that I would like to continue as Prime Minister until at least this upcoming election in June at which point I may decide to step down, for I expect the next term to be busier for myself than this year has been. So that would mean that a vote for me would last until June of this year, where I would expect to step down. I, Aidan McGrath, should be Leader of the Conservative Party over the Honourable Member for Holderton West, he has done nothing with this nation and his plans have either done nothing or he never passed them. I have done many things for this very nation. Some will have good and bad to say about me and my leadership one thing said, I myself get my stuff done. I respect the Honourable Prime Minister but he is holding a seat that can be used by an active working head of Government. May we also remember that he has made budget agreements and plans that have gotten us nowhere? Apologies, the Honourable Prime Minister, but I and others must have to agree on this and we need him to step down. I would also like to add to some who say “Make Baustralia Great Again,” I would like to put out that our Empire has always been great. I, Nick Sullivan, would like to run for Leader of the Conservative Party of Baustralia. The Kingdom has Brought so many memories with all you great people and His Majesty the King. For the time being, I would bring to your attention to everything that needs to be done to make Baustralia great again. The Honourable Member for Holderton-West has done a great job but I think I can do a spectacular job. Thank you for your time and remember, “make Baustralia great again!”
Three months is a lot of time, so that allows us to get a lot of work done. This will take a full cabinet of ministers to work together as a team, but I believe it is something that we are capable of. First of all, I would like to create a more streamlined system for members of Parliament to vote. This would take shape as either an app. Email list, branch of the website or some additional way that allows people to come to a central location to vote on separate policies. This would come with a notification system which would spare His Majesty a great Hassle and allow members of government to contact one another for votes.This system would most likely require an account system if at all possible which I will work personally to put into place. It would also be preferable to have video sessions of parliament over video conference calls. Assisting ministers to have a clear definition of what their portfolio entails and what that shall look like for them in the future. (What tasks they are expected to do, role for parliament). Some other goals for bills in the future:
  • Easy access to Patriotic Memorabilia for citizens
  • Expansion of the national news network to allow citizens to stay updated on what their Government is doing for them.
  • Acquisition of additional artists
Two months I plan on adding possible services towards our active service men and our for possible future veterans and reform the currency system adding coins that can be used and making them cost effective. I will expand our current justice system and institute civil courts for such manners as lawsuits &C. I aim to work with the Secretary of State of the Colonies in the Empire on making sure they are getting what they want or need from Baustralian Parliament.
  • The Communications Office will be more active, especially with Public Relations.
  • Enact more criminal laws.
  • Enact marriage laws.
  • Make bill enactment more streamline through the internet.
  • Increase military budget to 200 boercs.
  • Increase extra spending budget to 305 boercs.


John Timpson
Aidan McGrath
Nick Sullivan
0 5


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