2024 Conservative Party of Baustralia leadership election

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2024 Conservative leadership elections

← 2023 6 April 2024 (2024-04-06)
Turnout8 (62%)
Candidate Benjamin Levinson The Duke of Wells
Members' vote 7 1
Percentage 88% 12%

Previous Leader

Sir Oliver Doig

Presumptive Leader

Benjamin Levinson

A Conservative Party leadership election was tabled to all Conservative Party members. After a count of votes, a leader of the party will be elected successor to Sir Oliver Doig upon his resignation in June.

Benjamin Levinson, Member of Parliament for Jackson, announced his candidacy on 19 March, and Thomas Jacobs, Member of Parliament for Nicotinia, announced his early the next day. Upon the delivery of the speeches, former caretaker prime minister the Duke of Wells announced his desire to run, delivering his speech on the fly.

Midway through elections, Jacobs and Levinson decided to amalgamate their candidacies under the promise that Jacobs would become deputy prime minister if the Conservatives win the 2024 general election.