Third Timpson ministry

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Third Timpson ministry
2019 - 2020
Date formed7 October 2019 (2019-10-07)
Date dissolved6 April 2020 (2020-04-06)
People and organisations
Prime MinisterJohn Timpson
Member partyConservative Party
Status in legislatureMajority
Opposition cabinetII Day shadow cabinet
Opposition partyGrand Union of Leftist Parties
Opposition leaderAidan McGrath
PredecessorMcGrath ministry
SuccessorSullivan ministry

John Timpson formed the third Timpson ministry on 7 October 2019, after being invited by King John to form the third government and the resignation of Aidan McGrath. The ministry, a Conservative majority government is the fourth ministry after the appointing of John Timpson as the 1st Prime Minister. It was dissolved after the election of Nick Sullivan as Conservative Leader.


The ministry in 2019 consisted of the same members as the shadow cabinet formed by Timpson in the same year.

Members of Cabinet

Name John Timpson Harrison Pickles Johnathan Fairbank Chase Lameroux Kanyon Paradis Greg Watts Aidan McGrath Nick Sullivan Ella Parker Reagan Greenson Jacob Linkie Mecca Thompson
Portfolio Secretary of State for Communications Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Secretary of State for Justice Secretary of State for Routes Secretary of State for the Baustralian Antarctic Territory Secretary of State for Ostreum Secretary of State for the Secret Service Secretary of State for Wangatangia Secretary of State for Edstmae Secretary of State for the Economy Secretary of State for Whiskey Islands Secretary of State for the Environment
Dates 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 11 December 2019 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 7 October 2019 11 December 2019 11 December 2019
Notes Prime Minister and Lord High Treasurer Deputy Prime Minister Speaker of the House of Commons
House House of Commons
Name The Lord Jenkinson
Portfolio Minister without portfolio
Dates 2 August 2019
Notes Lord Speaker
House House of Lords