First Timpson ministry

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First Timpson ministry
Flag of Baustralia.svg
Sir John Timpson, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Date formed2 July 2017 (2017-07-02)
Date dissolved10 September 2019 (2019-09-10)
People and organisations
Prime MinisterJohn Timpson
Member partyConservative Party
Status in legislatureMajority
Opposition cabinetDay shadow cabinet
Opposition partySocialist Party of Baustralia
Opposition leaderEmily Day
SuccessorSecond Timpson ministry

John Timpson formed the first Timpson ministry on 2 July 2017, after having been invited by King John to form the first government. The ministry, a Conservative majority government is the first ministry after the appointing of John Timpson, then Duke of Cascadia, as the 1st Prime Minister.


The ministry in 2017 consisted of John Timpson, 1st Duke of Cascadia as Prime Minister, Caleb Arthur as Minister of National Defence, Harrison Pickles as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emily Parker as Minister of Internal Affairs. The party went without much opposition as no party was granted the title of His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition. This was a very limited government and weak government only passing two laws, the latter of which was drafted by the King.

There was only one opposition member, Emily Parker, and the government was strongly in need of a Minister of Internal Affairs and so Parker agreed to become a minister in the Conservative cabinet while staying a Liberal member.

The two acts that were passed are:

  • 1 John 1 c. 1, Constitution Act
  • 1 John 1 c. 2, National Symbols Act


During the ministry in 2018, the Party dropped to two members with John Timpson opting to drop his peerage in favour of his father and remain Prime Minister of Baustralia, however, Caleb Arthur decided to accept his barony and move to the House of Lords. Despite this, the Party managed to do quite well in Parliament and strike every item off of their agenda with Parliament passing 6 acts.


The ministry in 2019 consisted of many more members, reaching a maximum of 16 members at one point. This year for the ministry was very eventful, passing 60 acts of Parliament, and skyrocketing in ministries. During this year, the posts of Minister for Communications, Minister for the Environment, Minister for the Economy, and Minister for Imperial Affairs were created. Later, all ministries would turn into offices with their ministers becoming Secretaries of State. Later the Imperial Affairs Office was split into multiple offices for each realm and dominion, creating the posts of Secretary of State (S.o.S.) for Baustralian Antarctic Territory, S.o.S. for Edstmae, S.o.S. for Ostreum, S.o.S. for Wangatangia, and S.o.S. for Whiskey Islands.

Members of Cabinet

Name John Timpson Harrison Pickles Johnathan Fairbank Chase Lameroux Kanyon Paradis Greg Watts
Image Sir John Timpson, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg Harrison Pickles, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg Johnathan Fairbank, 2018 pattern army photo.jpg Chase Lameroux, 2018 pattern naval photo.jpg Kanyon Paradis, 2018 pattern army photo.jpg Greg Watts, 2018 pattern naval photo.jpg
Portfolio Lord High Treasurer,
Prime Minister,
and Secretary of State for Communications
Deputy Prime Minister,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs,
and Secretary of State for Whiskey Islands
Speaker of the House of Commons,
and Secretary of State for Justice
Secretary of State for Routes Secretary of State for the Environment,
and Secretary of State for the Baustralian Antarctic Territory
Secretary of State for Ostreum
Dates 2 July 2017 2 July 2017 3 June 2019 3 June 2019 11 August 2019 8 September 2019
House House of Commons
Name The Lord Jenkinson The Duke of Cascadia The Princess of Wabasso The Lord Pasternak
Image Duke of Cascadia, 2020 pattern army photo.jpg The Princess of Wabasso, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Portfolio Lord Speaker Chaplain general Surgeon general Attorney general
Dates 2 August 2019 2 August 2019 2 August 2019 2 August 2019
House House of Lords