Burgardt ministry

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Burgardt ministry
Date formed6 November 2022 (2022-11-06)
Date dissolved12 December 2022 (2022-12-12)
People and organisations
Prime MinisterSir Charles Burgardt
Member partiesLiberal Party
Status in legislature
Opposition cabinetDoig shadow cabinet
Opposition partyConservative Party
Opposition leaderSir Oliver Doig
PredecessorBurgardt-Morris ministry
SuccessorFirst Doig ministry

Sir Charles Burgardt formed the Burgardt ministry on 6 November 2022, after the dissolution of the Libertarian Party. Its members joined the Liberal Party keeping the party in command of the Commons. The cabinet remained the same as the previous ministry, though with the vacancies of Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Justice. It was dissolved after a shift in power in the Commons to the Conservatives.


The adversarial parliamentary system used in Baustralia, along with the constant creations of municipalities and thus constituencies, poses significant threats to governments with less than a super-majority such as votes of confidence, or opposition wins in by-elections, which can push that party out of power if a general election is not called. Conversely, if a party does lose power, they may be able to call a vote of confidence and convince members to cross the floor.

Historically conservative, the predecessor ministry was the first election resulting in a liberal win. It was able to do this by forming a coalition with the Libertarian Party to break the tie, which would’ve kept the status quo. Later, the party was dissolved and the members moved to the Liberal Party.

This led to a short only-Liberal majority, before the creation of the municipality of Bowmanton. Elected without contest, Arthur van der Bruyn ran independent of a party, thus placing the ministry in a minority status while keeping the Conservatives out of power. At the same time a Liberal member crossed the floor, he joined the Liberal Party, again keeping the Conservatives out of power.

After the formation of the municipality of Stonia, Vienna; an immediate registration of candidacy from the Conservative Party; and the By-Election Act calling a one-week deadline, the ministry failed to register any candidates, nor did any person register. Thus, it was declared a conservative no-contest victory, and at midnight caused a pro-conservative shift in the balance of power in the House of Commons.

Members of Cabinet

Burgardt Cabinet
Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister and Lord High Treasurer Cdre The Rt Hon Sir Charles Burgardt KG KBE OKB MP HRN 2022
Secretary of State for Communications
Secretary of State for Defence WO HG Duke of Northumbria OBE KStC HRN 2022
Secretary of State for Equality and Economic Inclusion Col The Hon Ava Calero MP 2022
Secretary of State for the Interior The Hon Matthew Hughes MP 2022
Secretary of State for Routes The Hon Manggala Alif Prasetia MP 2022
Deputy Prime Minister RAdm HE the Rt Hon Lord Englewood CBE OKB BTA CStG MStC HRN 2022
Secretary of State for Justice
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The Hon Ian Douglas Smith II MP 2022