2022 Baustralian general election

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5th Baustralian general election

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All 21 seats in the House of Commons
10 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Oliver Doig, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg Charles Burgardt, 2020 pattern government photo.jpg
Coat of arms of Andrew Brotherton.svg
Leader Sir Oliver Doig Charles Burgardt Thomas Jacobs
Party Conservative Liberal Communist
Seats before 8 4 4

  Fourth party
  Jack Morris, 2020 pattern naval photo.jpg
Leader Lord Englewood
Party Libertarian
Seats before 0

Prime Minister before election

Lady Ella Parker

Elected Prime Minister

Sir Charles Burgardt

The 2022 general election in Baustralia took place on 1 July 2022, electing Baustralia's first liberal government.

Electoral system

One day before 2019 election polling started, the Parliament passed a motion to change the voting system to alternative voting. The prime minister is elected directly by the citizens where they fill ballots saying which prime minister they wish to elect, then the votes are tallied per province, with the competitor voted by majority gaining the seat in parliament. If no competitor has a majority, the votes for the candidate with the least primary votes are redistributed according to the secondary vote. If no competitor has a majority after that, the cycle continues with the tertiary votes, et cetera, until a candidate gets majority. This method of voting remained unused until 2022 when four competitors ran for election.


The election should take place on 20 June 2022 as per the Fixed Terms Election Act, however, amongst several resignations, was delayed to the first of July.