2019 vote of no confidence in the Timpson ministry

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On the morning of 21 September 2019, a motion of no confidence in the government of John Timpson was tabled in the House of Commons. By the dismissal of the House, they had approved it by a vote of 7 to 6.

The motion was laid by Aidan McGrath, the Leader of the Worker's Party and Leader of the Opposition, after the government was late by a month to submit a budget and an opening speech.

Timpson resigned as Prime Minister as per protocol and McGrath formed a new ministry making McGrath Prime Minister and Lord High Treasurer.

Speeches and votes

Aidan McGrath John Timpson
Good day, Mister Speaker. I, the Honourable Member for McNevin, shall let it be known that this House has no confidence in His Majesty's Government. The Honourable Member for Holderton has failed to reach professional standards in this House. He himself has been late on His Most Gracious and Excellent Majesty's Opening Speech and his own Budget. He and his Ministry is slow, and most bills are coming from Lord Speaker or His Majesty. So, Mr. Speaker, why do we have a Parliament if no one can do their part and fulfill their purpose? His Majesty should not have to be writing or creating bills when he isn't even supposed to be involved in the work of the Members of Parliament. The Ministry is, however, not a failure and I congratulate the Conservatives for staying in power for such a long time, bravo. Now it is time for this chain of repeat to end. We cannot live in the past by re-electing the same people. We must look towards the future and change our votes for the better of Baustralia, it's people and His Majesty's People. Thank you, Mister Speaker. It is true that I have been slow and late in releasing a budget plan for this year. It is also true that the majority of Bills submitted through Parliament have come from His Most Gracious and Excellent Majesty and the Lord Speaker. However, I have been quite busy with other matters over the last few weeks involving school. I do wish to turn this around though, and to start putting more bills through Parliament from His Majesty's Cabinet. It is true that many people in Parliament have other responsibilities, and our government is no different. The Conservative Party, however, would be willing to work together to build a bi-partisan budget, that builds this country up into the future. We hope that you will give this government a chance to form and cooperate with one another so that we can successfully and efficiently govern this country.
  Conservative 2   Conservative 5
  Worker's 3   Worker's 1
  Libertarian 1   Libertarian 0
  Liberal 1   Liberal 0
Total 7 Total 6