Next Baustralian general election

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Next Baustralian general election

← 2024 On or before 20 June 2025 (2025-06-20)

All 22 seats in the House of Commons
12 seats needed for a majority
Leader Benjamin Levinson Sir Charles Cabote
Party Conservative Liberal
Leader since 2024 2020
Leader's seat McNevin Seamanhattan
Current seats 12 6
Seats needed 6

Leader Micheal Johnson
Party Baustralia
Leader since 2020
Leader's seat Monaghan
Current seats 3
Seats needed 9

Incumbent Prime Minister

Benjamin Levinson

The Next general election in Baustralia will take place on or before 20 June 2025.


The election shall take place on or before 20 June 2025 as per the Election Act. Candidates will be ranked using the first past the post system. It previously was alternative voting.