Abodian penut

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Abodian Penut
ISO 4217
Banknotes1 Pn
CoinsNo Coins
User(s) Abode of Heaven
Central bankBank of the Heavenly Abode
PrinterNo Printer
MintNo Coins
Pegged withPrice of a Deben of Peanuts (91 g of peanuts). Currently Stands at 0.36 CAD.

The Abodian Penut was created on 25 July 2018. It is one of few micronational banknotes that have true anti-copyright measures.


To keep the currency simple and to decrease the cost of maintenance and production, there will only be two units in which the currency will be made, when funds are sufficient to allow monetary production. For now, the electronic system which the country is advancing will measure total income without regard to these denominations.

Coins and Banknotes

The coins have not yet been manufactured, But they are expected to be made of aluminium, impressed with the face of Master of the Benevolent Sunrays, Brotherly Leader Obis I. Currently, the nation is making steps to produce a mainly digital currency.

Banknotes are now legal, but they have yet to be printed.

The One Banknote that has been released.

The new banknote is notable for having anti-copyright measures, using the EURion Constellation as a way of stopping fake banknotes from being printed.


The Abodian Penut is defined as being the value of one New Kingdom Deben, an Ancient Egyptian measurement totaling 91 grams, of peanuts. The government will update their data as much as possible.

Exchange rates

Note: Not up to Date. This is to be used for educational purposes, not trading Advice.

Value in CAD Exchange Rate Value in Currency
0.36 194.1967273 69.91082181 Angolan Kwanza
0.36 1.03615 0.373014 Australian Dollar
0.36 5.1981902 1.871348472 Renminbi
0.36 0.76525 0.27549 US Dollar
0.36 52.5455 18.91638 Indian Rupee
0.36 11062.22443 3982.400793 Indonesian Rupiah
0.36 98.71725 35.53821 Pakistani Rupee
0.36 2.853693775 1.027329759 Brazilian Real
0.36 277.0205 99.72738 Nigerian Naira
0.36 64.6620945 23.27835402 Bangladeshi Taka
0.36 21.09985563 7.595948025 Ethiopian Birr
0.36 1.12674 0.4056264 Niue
0.36 1.12674 0.4056264 Cook Islands
0.36 0.656415 0.2363094 Euro

Legal status

The Abodian Penut is only valid in the Abode, But may also be allowed in cooperating businesses who wish to add Abodian Penuts as valid currency.

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