Leo aeris

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Leo aeris
ISO 4217
Banknotes5, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000 Aeris
CoinsTAE$3, TAE$5
User(s)Grand Republic of Leo
Central bankBank of Leo
PrinterBank of Leo Printing Authority
Pegged withCopper (1 gram per Aeris)

The Leo aeris, colloquialy known as the aeris, was a micronational currency in the Grand Republic of Leo. It is based on the value of copper, but isn't pegged to any one standard. Each Aeris is worth 1 gram of copper.

Usage and circulation

The Grand Republic of Leo adopted the Aeris as its national currency on 1 August 2020, replacing the United States Dollar, which was the de facto currency. All of the territory of the Grand Republic of Leo is required to use the Aeris. The government is required to accept the Aeris as a valid form of payment for anything the government may require payment for. However, the circulation is extremely limited, as no person within Leo has been paid in Aeris, which was proposed to be the main method of introducing the currency to circulation. The first series has a sum of less than 1000 Aeris in circulation, and the second series is yet to be printed. Discussion of Leo also introducing a digital form of the Aeris is underway, but so far, no efforts have been made.


The second series of the Leo Aeris has three banknotes, the 20, 50, and 200. Other denominations have been printed, such as the 5 and 100. Designs have been created for a 1000 Aeris bill, and the Bank of Leo has the authorization to print it, however, they have chosen not to print it.