Egtavian e

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Egtavian e
1e banknote50e¢ coin
PluralThe language(s) of this currency do(es) not have a morphological plural distinction.
Banknotes1e, 2e, 5e, 10e
Coins25e¢, 50e¢, 10e
Date of introductionOctober 2, 2010
User(s)None, formerly:
Federation of Egtavia
Central bankBank of Egtavia
PrinterBank of Egtavia
Pegged withPound sterling
This infobox shows the latest status before this currency was rendered obsolete.

The e is the official local currency of the Federation of Egtavia, and was launched on October 2, 2010, following the printing of the first batch of banknotes earlier in the day. It is currently used only in the Federation, and it is parallel to the Pianeta used by the wider Federal Republic. Current denominations are 1e, 2e and 5e, with the 10e, 15e and 20e banknotes to be introduced at a later date. The banknotes were designed and printed by the former Government of the old Republic, and utilise guilloches and transparency effects, as well as UV marking on all notes, night-glow markings on notes above 5e in value, and a special "VALID" mark on notes above 10e in value to discourage counterfeiting of the banknotes. The master files for the e are not available to the general public, and all illustrations depicting the e are watermarked or otherwise altered to deter forgery.


Plans for a currency in Egtavia extend back to late 2009, but the first prototype design for the e was only designed in mid-2010. The prototype 1e banknote depicted then-President Petya d'Égtavie on the obverse, and an image of a sheep on the reverse. The design was abandoned shortly after the publication of the banknote in the Egtavian Star without ever having been printed. The first of the current format e banknotes were designed in July 2010, and depicted a Light Sussex and a Naked Neck hen on the obverse, and the S-MS-1 catapult of the Egtavian Army on the reverse. The 2e and 5e banknotes were designed in mid-September 2010, and the Bank of Egtavia then deemed it worthwhile to start printing notes, with the first batch of 192e being printed in early October 2010.

Banknotes and Coins

The e has been printed and struck from late 2010 until the present day. A gallery of the designs may be found below.

2010 Series

Image Value Image Description
1e S-MS-1 Catapult during fire tests in Egtavia's grasslands. 24 notes of this denomination printed. Reverse.
2e The SW-2E locomotive near Wadlow on the Trans-Egtavia Aerial Tramway. 24 notes of this denomination printed.
5e A hen and a rooster on National Highway One near Prad City. 24 notes of this denomination printed.

2011 Series


Image Value Image Description
10e A stylised rendering of the 2011 Intermicronational Summit group image. 12 notes of this denomination printed to date


Image Value Image Description
25 The crest from Egtavia's flag with a studded border. 24 of these coins struck.
50 A stylised "e" and diverging lines with a studded border. 88 coins of this denomination struck.
10e Egtavia's Coat of Arms on the obverse, and diverging lines with a rectangular insert slot on the reverse. 4 coins of this denomination struck. Commemorative.

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