Kaznian oubel

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Kaznian Oubel
(Russian) Казнийский Оубль
(Cheslovian) Казнискаи Оуубўўл

Official usersKaznian flag.png Cheslovia
Pegged to1 Pound Sterling
Symbol€k (Oubel) ¢ (Kopek/Kolep)
(officially Kolep, Колэйпа)
Coins1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Kopeks; 1, 2, 5 Oubels
Banknotes1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Central bankBank of Kaznia
PrinterBank of Kaznia
MintBank of Kaznia

The Kaznian Oubel (Pronounced: "Oh-bull") is the currency of Kaznia. The Oubel was created in Serov in 2007 and is the successor currency of the now obsolete Kaznian Asha.

The Oubel notes go up in €k1, €k5, €k10, €k20, €k50 and €k100. The notes feature landmarks of either Cheslovia or England, for example, the €k1 Oubel note features an English landmark, which is the building from the Oxford University it also features a Cheslovian symbol, the flag of Stettin.

Plurals in Russian

Numbers 1, 21, 31 etc. will be followed by nominative singular Оубль, Копэйка. Numbers 2-4, 22-24, 32-34 etc. will be followed by genitive singular Оубля, Копэйки. Numbers 5-20, 25-30, 35-40 etc. will be followed by genitive plural Оублей, Копеек.

Slang names

Oubels are often called "E-KAY's" due to the look of the currency symbol (€k).